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Jack Kirby's Fourth World: Mister Miracle

Jack Kirby’s Fourth World – simultaneously a cosmic, multi-series, comic book epic that was ahead of its time and was a huge influence upon a multitude of subsequent stories across a wide range of media forms…and a massive exercise in unfulfilled expectations thanks to the concept’s inability to catch on with enough of an audience to continue to justify its existence in the 1970′s comic book market.


The Way Of The Fourth World

I couldn’t agree more. If there’s something we should defend, then it is this kind of ancient knowledge, to create a better consciousness and with this ultimately a better, more human, world.

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HHV.de Mag - Jon Hassell - City: Works Of Fiction (Re-Issue)

Warum ich behaupte, dass es sich bei der mehr als umfassenden Neuauflage von Jon Hassells City: Works Of Fiction um ein tolles Einstiegswerk handelt? Weil es mir selbst als solches gediehnt hat. 39 more words

Kristoffer Cornils