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Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

The challenge that often arises with video security systems is the inability of standard network cameras to capture clear video in situations where there is a significant variance in lighting levels within a single scene. 310 more words


Pirates Confess Without Knowing It

Developers these days are forced into coming up with creative ways to protect their products from the pirates who dominate the PC platform. Obviously we have our good friend DRM to stymie the pirates for a short while, but apparently there are other ways to ruffle a pirates feathers. 186 more words

Alex Hutchinson

Far Cry 4 battle against piracy

If a lot of you wonders where is your Field of View slider in Far Cry 4 option, no worries, that means you got pirated copy of game. 77 more words


Los mismo usuarios de Far Cry 4 revelan que han pirateado el juego

Varios usuarios se estado quejado de la falta de opciones para el campo de vision (field of view, FOV) en la versión de PC de… 85 more words


Ground Field of View Calculator

Just a quick post today. I made a simple excel calculator for calculating ground field of view. If you know your cameras sensor size, focal length, and height above ground, you can calculate your ground field of view. 9 more words

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Getting started: Understanding your GoPro

To be able to shoot great Gopro videos, you need to understand how it works, it’s fonctions, resolutions and some hidden features. We will cover all of this in this week’s lesson. 595 more words