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Elterwater Wilderness

A stones throw away from the village  … down a slippery slope to the water’s edge … to your own, personal, wilderness.

The last of a sequence of three “Japanese inspired landscapes” from the trip to the Langdale Valley in the English Lake District. 27 more words


A Brief History of Photography: Part 10 - Sputnik & Digital Photography

In October 1957, with the launch of Sputnik, the Russians, under the leadership of Sergei Korolev, won the first leg of the space race over the American program led by Werner Von Braun. 1,801 more words


Sigma News & Rumors: first sample pictures of the 150-600mm S at wide open aperture and Foveon-like 36 layer sensor, not by Sigma

Sigma-Rumors reported a few days ago about the first sample pictures of the new 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Sports lens. Now, the chinese website qicai.fengniao.com published the first samples at open aperture – just in time for the retail start in mid October. 267 more words


Sigma DP3 Merrill

“Man behind a gun, people said :)

banyak yang bilang, di fotografi itu yg penting momen. toolsnya ga penting-penting amat. Hehehe. Buat yang serius, pasti nolak. 119 more words

Status quo of the 'Foveon-Look'

The Foveon look is a broadly discussed topic in photography forums. There are the ones who recognize and like it at first glance, and then there are others who don’t see it, wondering what all the fuss is about. 315 more words


Field Barn, Langdale Valley

The field barn sheltered the sheep, trees sheltered the field barn,  mountains sheltered the trees … nothing sheltered me, I just got wet!

I’ve passed by the barn countless times without a second glance on my trips up and down the Langdale Valley, but this time, as I was headed to Blea Tarn in the early morning mist and rain, I saw it,  got out of the car, and took some shots, attempting to keep the lens dry. 42 more words


Trees, Water, Mountain - Blea Tarn & Harrison Stickle

The warm summer breeze ruffles the water’s surface,  the trees bend and rustle as they let it pass, the mountain watches silent and unmoved … 52 more words