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Temple of the Four Winds, Castle Howard – Sigma Merrill & Quattro

The Temple of the Four Winds, 

Bathed in early evening summer light,

The air perfectly still …

Following a track from the New River Bridge, dipping through a gap in the fence, we stumbled across the temple after the crowds had left. 74 more words


Tin Barn – Sigma Merrill & Quattro

Rust worn corrugated iron, railway sleepers, old oak beams …

A cobbled together triumph of function over form …

And yet so pleasing on eye… 105 more words


Sigma abandon their single selling point

I didn’t want to write about this too soon, but I think it’s time to voice now since there’s been no sign from Sigma that the rejection of their new sensor by aficionados has had any effect on their determination. 536 more words


Sigma Quattro DP2 Comparison - Postscript & Sigma Reply

Sigma Quattro DP2 Comparison – Postscript & Sigma Reply

After posting a comparison of my brand new, funky looking Quattro DP2, and my clunky old boxlike Merrill DP3, I was left speculating on the cause of the issues I’d experienced. 239 more words


Countless | Sigma Merrill DP3

North Yorkshire Sky

Looking back and up … counting the tones & shades … a lifetime’s work.

Shot with Sigma Merrill DP3. ISO 100, F10. 22 more words


Seven Careful Steps | Sigma Merrill DP3

Seven careful steps, three giant strides, one great leap to chase a stick …

… endless possibilities

Hackfall Woods, North Yorkshire

 Stepping-stones never fail to summon up the child within me; first taken carefully, then with increasing confidence, until I overreach, slip and walk home in squelching boots. 93 more words


Sony RX1 & Sigma Merrill DP3 - Merrill Awe

The Quattro v Merrill comparison re-awoke my awe in the detail the Merrill DP3 muster up, so for just for fun I did a comparison between my Sony RX1 and my DP3. 173 more words