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Watch A Young Child Shut Down Fox News' Argument Against Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Illinois State University is the latest college to designate “gender neutral” restrooms around campus to accommodate transgender and LGBT students who often face harassment. The university is converting what had previously been labeled “family” single stall restrooms into the gender neutral restrooms, so it’s not even changing the functionality or affecting anybody at all, really — but that’s not going to stop the dummies at Fox News from losing their damn minds over it. 129 more words


Some terrible tips for women courtesy of 19th Century Fox

Fox & Friends…recently produced a litany of advice for young women that could have been ripped from the pages of a 1950s home economics textbook. Here are a few of the most egregious examples of Fox-approved tips for women:

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The Frosted Tips Twins Speak Out!

Gotta love that the ticker underneath The Frosted Tips Twins says Fired for Faith, but what part of the First Amendment does Petunia and Pals… 68 more words


Princeton Mom: "Stop Acting Like Such an Entitled Princess"

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Susan Patton, the Princeton mom who advised female students to spend their college years searching for husbands, is back! And now she says she has the answer to all marital woes: Ladies, you aren’t appreciating your men enough. 188 more words

A Smile for Sunday, Bear Necessities!

I saw this video connected to to the Disney Jungle Book song this morning on Fox and Friends and wanted to make you smile with the silliness.   9 more words