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"When Does Fox News Apologize?": After Years Of On-Air Idiocy, Why Walk Back Your Business Model Now?

Nearly two years ago, Fox News luminary Shepard Smith delivered a memorable apology. On a slow-news afternoon in September 2012, Smith’s afternoon program followed a protracted car-chase in the Arizona sticks. 871 more words


Watch your words....

I support Kerri Kasem, but THIS I cannot. I believe she needs to be careful when choosing her words. Like Jean, (who I don’t support), I was accused of killing my husband, without solid proof to back up Juanita’s (his ex wife’s) claims. 141 more words

Fox News Doocy And A Week Of Hell

We all know Fox News has values, mission and goals from the network’s owner right through its most zany and dim-witted host. There is no Fox News host who exceeds Steve Doocy as a prime example of a personality who should have stuck with working as a weather broadcaster in Washington, DC. 496 more words

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Reckless and Minimizing... Ray Rice's impact on the media.

It amazes me that in 2014, so many broadcasters are having a difficult time knowing how to properly report on Ray Rice hitting Janay Rice (fiancé at the time of this assault and now his wife) so hard that he knocked her out. 442 more words

The Mentor and Other News

-Ray Lewis doesn’t see any similarity between him and Ray Rice(sic)(espn.com)

Ray Lewis Is A Boob

JavaScript required to play Ray Lewis Is A Boob… 330 more words

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The 'Fox & Friends' Twits Hit A New Low Today By Cracking Jokes About Ray Rice Beating His Wife

Fox & Friends devolved into its SNL parody for the millionth time this morning, when co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy began cracking tone deaf jokes about former Baltimore Ravens running back… 79 more words