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First Look at Quiet in Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V hasn’t really caught my eye to be completely honest. It’s not because the game looks bad, it certainly does not, I just find it hard to get excited for it considering my history with the franchise and plethora of games I’d much rather be playing coming out that are releasing soon. 56 more words

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MGSV : The Phantom Pain; Only for revenge?

With the imminent release of The Phantom Pain, the Metal Gear Solid series is coming full circle. With an origins story that began with 2004’s Snake Eater, ‘V’, will provide the final chapter in the saga. 598 more words

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'P.T': Hideo Kojima's Gaming Experiment and the Ongoing Saga of Women in Horror

About a week ago, a mysterious new title known only as P.T. (for ‘playable teaser’) appeared on the PlayStation Store, from the unknown studio, 7780s. It was billed as the ‘first interactive teaser’ and had its own teaser, a short, 50-second video, that was dark, foreboding, and showcased the terrified reactions of testers to the game’s ‘jump scares’ (you don’t know it’s good until you’ve seen a youtube reaction video of it, right?). 2,011 more words



Gamescom has just finished but instead of writing a full review of the event I am going to talk a wee bit about my fav moments from all the events. 405 more words


Kojima Aims To Have Players Sh*tting Themselves!

Gamescon 2014: Kojima Aims To Have Players Sh*tting Themselves!

Hideo Kojima you funny, funny guy.  With the announcement of Silent Hills, Kojima’s aims to have players defecating themselves while experiencing his work. 252 more words


metal gear solid ground zero and phantom pain coming to pc

fantastic news for pc gamer’s one of the most anticipated games of next year metal gear solid the phantom pain will be coming to pc. the news came from this weeks gamescom in Germany during the mgs v event although no dates were giving for ground zero or phantom pain but i think we will get ground zero by the end of this year . 74 more words