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Gladys Knight Heads To 'Empire'

Gladys Knight will soon be part of an empire. The iconic singer has signed on to play herself on the upcoming Fox series Empire, starring… 88 more words

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Drag Show In Utopia!

The FOX Network created a new show called Utopia, where people spend a year in this place where there is no government, no rules and they have to fend for themselves. 210 more words

Drag Queens

Is It Chic to be Sick?

Illness is a difficult experience and is usually something that is dealt with in the privacy of one’s home. I guess that times are changing because there seems to be a new trend on television; shows revolving around illness. 419 more words

Coping With Chronic Illness

Firefly/Serenity News, Updates, And How to Not Stop the Signal.


There is in fact, quite a bit going on for us brown coats!

Check this, there are several fan based prequels and sequels going on right now as well as a shiny new video game which features the voices of the original cast.  435 more words


In my UTOPIA...

A show for every disgruntled adult who’s ever had to grind their teeth and tell themselves that the world would be so much better if they were only in charge,  479 more words


Red Band Society: Pilot Review

I always appreciate a well-made dramedy. And lately I have been thinking about how there aren’t really any on TV anymore (at least not any that I personally enjoy all that much). 285 more words

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