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How dire is the Islamic State's threat to US? - People's Daily Online

This is a strongly recommended read from China’s influential newspaper, People’s Daily Online. Check it out!

via How dire is the Islamic State’s threat to US? 105 more words


Wall Township, NJ Has New Very Serious Drone Problem

Residents should take time to look into the skies. Not only will you see relentless chemtrail spraying, but you will see drones flying directly in the path of local plane traffic! 145 more words

DEFCON 1: General Mclnerney Sounds the Red Alert

From the United States Department of Defense, DEFCON 1 is the maximum state of readiness for the defense of the United States. The exercise term is, “Cocked Pistol,” and it means nuclear war or a massive attack on the homeland is imminent. 520 more words


Fox News Hits Ratings Highs, MSNBC Sputters in Busy Week

A busy week in news was a good one for Fox News Channel, which logged its second highest-rated frame of the year, but a weak one for MSNBC, which found itself deep in third place. 218 more words


MSNBC Aired More Initial Coverage of Ferguson Turmoil Than Fox News, CNN: Study

NBCUniversal’s MSNBC cable outlet spent more time covering the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., than rivals CNN or Fox News Channel in the first week the story broke, according to a new study. 362 more words


Bill O'Reilly Cuts Short Vacation, Puts Fox News Back On Top

Bill O’Reilly came back just in the nick of time, boosting Fox News Channel back on top in primetime ratings after a rare news demo win by CNN on Tuesday. 333 more words


'How nuts would it be'? FNC's Jedediah Bila proposes badass presidential ticket

That man, evidently, is not President Obama. Jedediah Bila was decidedly unimpressed by what he brought to the podium this afternoon:

There are times when I want to see my President angry.

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