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How to Fake Current Events

Why Fake It
Three Reasons:
1. Every news segment I’ve seen recently about young people today describes us as the ‘me generation’ or the ‘instant gratification generation’. 643 more words

FOX News' response to Ferguson: "What about Chicago?"

Every major media outlet, international or American-based, has been covering the mayhem in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri for the last two weeks.  Liberal and moderate media reported the story first because of it concerning a civil rights issue.   767 more words


Fox News' Megyn Kelly Is SO OVER The Protests In Ferguson, Missouri

It appears as though Ferguson fatigue has started to set in for Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. Last night on her show, Kelly was so bent about video from Ferguson playing during a segment on the beheading of journalist James Foley that she interrupted her guest to address the people in her show’s control booth. 72 more words