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My father always said that making a choice required a certain level of intelligence, as one could not make any life altering decisions -or sound judgments for that matter- unless you had a general idea of what you were doing and where is it that you wanted you end up at; no matter what your plans are, making choices is always hard regardless on how smart and in control of things you pride yourself to be. 337 more words

Spike Clemenceau

Interview With Fox and Friends

Tim Green Syracuse’s new post:

Tim Green and Rashad Jennings talk to the Fox News crew about the Read20 program, similar to the Play60 initiative by the NFL. 16 more words

Tim Green Syracuse

Veterans Condemn Fox News Host Sexist Smear of Female Soldiers

Military veterans are speaking out against the moronic comments made by Eric Bolling on Fox News. While covering the news that the United Arab Emirates’ first female air force pilot was participating in air strikes against Islamic State, Eric Bolling stated “”Would that be considered boobs on the ground, or no?” His remarks came during the September 24 edition of Fox News’ The Five, in response to co-host Greg Gutfeld’s joke, “The problem is, after she bombed it, she couldn’t park it.” Bolling has since apologized twice for his offensive comment. 386 more words


Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigns over security lapses

Julia Pierson resigned today. She did the right thing. Too many security lapses. She had to go.

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