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GOTHAM Doesn't Blow It Yet

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Episode 109 “Harvey Dent”

Heads, you win. And plenty of people are using their heads in this episode. Of course, a few are not quite there yet. 886 more words


SciFi4Chicks Isn't Putting Mama In the Corner of SLEEPY HOLLOW

That’s right! You’ve read this right. Nobody’s putting Mama Mills in the corner on Sleepy Hollow, and it’s mostly because her character is so deliciously complex and brilliantly written that we just want her to come back one way, or another. 141 more words


SciFi4Chicks has a Crush on GOTHAM

After a spectacular three-episode run, we get a somewhat mediocre (but still interesting) episode, and SciFi4Chicks is here to share our opinions about Gotham with you. 171 more words


SciFi4Chicks loves SLEEPY HOLLOW. Now here's everything that's wrong.

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SciFi4Chicks is back in Sleepy Hollow. You probably already know both Heather and Alex are back from their unintended hiatus, especially if you listen to the… 172 more words


SciFi4Chicks Don't Talk About Fight Club on GOTHAM

SciFi4Chicks is coming back from an unintended hiatus! Because when Heather is ill, we record on schedule and she just sounds like a chain smoker. But when Alex is ill, it’s the end of the world and we have to take two weeks off. 130 more words