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11.14.93 - Night 7

If you’re reading this, then that means I did in fact survive.  My plan was a success.  Now I truly never have to set foot in that place again.  1,574 more words


11.13.93 - Night 6

They… they actually made me… come back.  They called me and told me they wanted me to come in again tonight because they didn’t have anyone else to do it that night.  658 more words


11.12.93 - Night 5

I did it.  I actually… survived the night.  I survived the week.  I’m… alive.

I can’t tell you – you can’t even imagine the suffering I went through just… 750 more words


How Many Followers Did Your Fave Lose in the #InstagramRapture?

Yesterday it was widely reported that Minister Ma$e lost over a million followers on Instagram in 20 minutes, thus deleting his entire account — but he wasn’t the only celebrity to have been a victim of the… 94 more words

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11.11.93 - Night 4

They refused my resignation.  I mean, sure, most people hand in a two week’s notice, but this is just…  I honestly think they’re trying to get me killed.  1,289 more words


11.10.93 - Night 3

I need to get out of that place and I need to get out right now.  Last night was worse than the first two and I just… this is getting out of hand.  1,121 more words