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Brian Pead aka Freeman was imprisoned unlawfully on dubious charges on 15 May 2014 and has been moved to six prisons since. Known as ‘ghosting’, this is a despicable part of the fabric of the penal system for as long as prison watchers can remember. 167 more words


Foyles of Charing Cross

I’ve been meaning to visit some of the big bookshops of London for a while now. A few months ago I went to Oxford and visited Blackwells – mum and I both came out well weighted down with books! 596 more words


Develop yourself Professionally in your local bookshop

It may seem boring to many however one of my favourite things is to lose myself in the education section of a large bookshop. Foyles in London is an excellent one and I consider it to be better than any continuing development you can go on in some random hotel function room. 176 more words


Foyles- thoughts on the new store

I’ve just been to the Foyles launch party. I mingled a bit with colleagues and booksellers and a girl from South Korea that asked me where I worked at least five times. 296 more words

Nothing should Foyle you from getting to this bookstore

There is a lot to be said for booktrails around book shops – in fact the author Emma Chapman, author of ‘How to be a Good Wife’  is herself currently indie bookshop trailing up and down the country visiting lots of hidden and not so hidden gems of literary goodness. 570 more words


Persiana & My Stealthy Freedom

I spent the day in London today, and after meetings & lunch, I decided to cross the river and just wander around the south bank. But it was windy and touristy, so after a while I ended up at Foyles instead. 156 more words