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It's My Destiny

It will come to no one’s surprise that I’ve been playing Destiny. I did play it for a while when it first came out, (as well as the PS4 Alpha & Beta), but then I put it aside for a couple months while I dove into the holiday games and became an assassin for a couple of months. 1,734 more words


What If We Gave Them Thumbs?

I know, I know…what if we gave them thumbs? And made them walk upright? The Angels laughed & laughed but God rather liked the idea.



Destiny is a first-person shooter video game developed by the famous Halo-series maker, Bungie. I bought this game about five months ago, two weeks after its release and I have loved it ever since. 334 more words


Two Months Destiny Free

As hyped as I was for the release of Bungie’s Destiny massive multiplayer online first person shooter (mmofps) I can honestly say that after 2 months, I haven’t missed it. 253 more words


The Allure of Destiny

Ah, Destiny. It’s going on 5 months now, and here I am…here we are…still at the card table. Why a card table, you ask? Because it’s actually just a slot machine, only I don’t want to upset the RNGods. 1,002 more words


How Halo 5 :Guardians made me hate Halo...Sort of

Now don’t get this twisted, I absolutely love Halo, from it’s interesting universe and lore to it’s focus on humanizing the robot looking Master Chief. I’m just saying that 343’s multi-player beta, … 712 more words