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Throwback Thursday: Rainbow Six - Vegas Terrorist Hunt

This week, Spyro and I take down some terrorists in Tom Clancy’s Ranbow Six: Vegas


Throwback Thursday

Under the Light - Team Fortress 2


Developed by Valve and released in 2007.

Team Fortress 2 ( Valve , 2007) is a F2P ( Free-to -Play ) multiplayer focused FPS. 1,034 more words


Matt Plays: Left 4 Dead 2 Borderlands Romero Mod

We try yet again to get through Left 4 Dead 2, and this time get through two stories.

Under the Light - Metro: Last Light

Note: Please read the 101 guide to fully understand the terms mentioned in this blog post.


Developed by 4A Games and released in 2013. 1,293 more words


ArmA II: Getting Lost In The Editor

I’ve put about 15 hours into ArmA II and I haven’t even touched the main campaign, much less multiplayer. I already talked about the game’s massive tertiary armory mode. 512 more words


My Work on Goldeneye 007 For Nintendo Wii

Here is the Metacritic page forGoldeneye:007http://www.metacritic.com/game/wii/goldeneye-007

I collaborated on Systems Design with my MP Colleague and our MP Producer. In addition: I was directly responsible for Designing, Greyboxing, ongoing care-taking during the Art phase, and on through to Bug fixing and finally Gold Master on the following Multiplayer maps: 133 more words