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How I helped the Allies win WW2*

*On the PS2 of course. I’m not that deluded.

I finished another game! This time it was Medal of Honor: Frontline, a game mentioned before in my roundup of 2013. 429 more words


Evolve Big Alpha

Today is your last chance to guarantee your spot in Evolve’s Big Alpha.

Xbox One users will be able to jump in on October 30th with PC/PlayStation 4 players joining one day later on Halloween. 64 more words


Borderlands: The Pre Sequel

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is the latest instalment in Gearbox’s hugely-popular Borderlands series, and sticks to the established ‘loot-em-up’ formula. Simply put, you’ll be running around and blowing up enemies first-person-shooter style, then levelling up and finding new weapons as you would in a role-playing game. 400 more words


My hatred for the Hatred video game trailer

Destructive Creations creates something destructive…to my attention span.

“My genocide crusade begins here…” says the lead character of upcoming PC game Hatred, as he gears up with guns, grenades and a knife before opening his front door and unloading clips into his enemies. 843 more words


Video Game Tuesday: Destiny Daily Log Day 5

This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m continuing my log of my first week in Destiny with Destiny Daily Log Day 5.

Goal of the Day: Try to get the Weekly Heroic Strike done. 509 more words



I played this game recently and enjoyed it greatly so a review is incoming shortly for this amazing game!

Update!: I began writing it a few days ago so scroll down for the review! 26 more words