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PAYDAY: The Heist

PAYDAY: The Heist – Reviewed on PC/PS3 by WafflezTheGreat

PAYDAY: The Heist (lets just call it PAYDAY for this review) is the 1st game series of games known as PAYDAY (PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY2) and personally my favorite, PAYDAY is a REALLY fun and strategic Co-Op FPS that relies heavily on its multiplayer aspect, lets see how it turns out… 255 more words



Maaan, this was a deep experience back then. The first ever FPS to have a 3d engine, the first Unreal engine. It was a struggle making it work, since back then I had a very weak PC. 232 more words

First Person

CS:GO Gaming in hardcore mode.

Here is my CS:GO blog about my career to be a pro and I’ll be posting some shit here don’t really know what but here it comes… I started playing CS:GO after a loong loong brake, it’s been probably 12 years since I played CS, started from beta 2 or 3 something nad was hitting the headshots quite alot back then.. 104 more words


Tom Clancy`s Rainbow Six 3: Gold Edition

Tom Clancy`s fuck-long-titles is a game where you play as a super secret elite military force, appropriately named Rainbow, or Rainbow Six, fuck story lines. Even the police don`t know about the happy fairy military force. 509 more words


Los Santos, here we are:)

First person view, no hud, no radar mode in action. The cops are after me. I try to hide, but they find me. I shoot my way out, escape again. 87 more words