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A Game of Ball

I touched earlier on the aspect of self-similarity on smaller and smaller scales in fractals.  I find the ones that are exactly the same on smaller and smaller scales a bit boring – like the Koch snowflake or the Sierpinski arrowhead or the Menger sponge (though it has a nice… 525 more words


ChaosFissure on Deviantart.com

Sam is the first fractal artist here on RA. He lives right here in the US and his work is amazing. All of his work provides a great deal of interest and depth. 8 more words



Today has started off as a day for me to reflect.  Which is kind of strange, because I have a very full schedule today.

I have a number of ideas for posts running around in my brain and it seems that none of them are ready to be born quite yet. 76 more words


October Ingersoll Library Exhibit

For the month of October, those who were unable to see Lianne Todd’s exhibit The Fractal Nature of Our Universe in the summer at The ARTS Project, or who didn’t know about it, will be able to see a small portion of it at the new exhibit space we’ve been lucky to obtain (thanks to OCCI) in the… 88 more words