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Gravitational Explosion

Gravitational Explosion was a bit of a mess in its beginning stages due to the gradient I chose. I was going for a specific set of colors, but it just didn’t work. 47 more words

Planet Ignis 1A and Its Moon

An exotic planet orbits an orange dwarf in an inner arm on the opposite side of the Milky Way as Earth. However, this is far from an ordinary planet. 276 more words


As the title implies, this is a tribute to H R Giger. I took what I learned from an artist named Geoffrey Barnes and made a final product that is 100% my own… 12 more words

Nervous Neon

Nervous Neon definitely had a few drafts before the final product. I wasn’t really liking the center piece for a while; even after zooming in a considerable amount. 75 more words

Garden Elemental

This delightful garden is a stark contrast to the menacing Giant Hogweed render (https://plus.google.com/u/0/106059792760498091751/posts/ajh2U1e4GxS).  The “rocks” are the first layer and were originally something quite different until I added two finals to it.  91 more words

Krystle Cole

Gallery 1001 is pleased to feature the work of guest artist Krystle Cole through the month of September. “Psychedelicized: Art of the Altered State” will showcase her acrylic paintings and computer generated fractal art. 159 more words

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