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Ex: Evaluate an Expression with a Fraction, Decimal, and Factorial

This video explains how to evaluate an expression containing a decimal, fraction, and a factorial.

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Ex: Find the Volume of a Sphere When the Radius is a Fraction with a Radical

This video explains how to find the exact volume of a sphere with the given radius is a Fraction containing a cube root.


Understanding fraction division

The expression beside doesn’t equal to 2/2/1/2/2, but ((2/2)/(1/2))/2. To comprehend it better, notice the difference in length in each fraction line and look up on… 10 more words

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Overloading operator's (in C++)

Here I will talk about overloading. Let’s start by formally defining what overloading is :

Specifying more than one definition’s for a function is called overloading. 565 more words


Thoughts on 1/7 and Other Rational Numbers: Index

I’m using the Twelve Days of Christmas (and perhaps a few extra days besides) to do something that I should have done a long time ago: collect past series of posts into a single, easy-to-reference post. 152 more words


Ex: Find a Product Involving a Complex Fraction with Variables

This video explains how to find a product involving a complex fraction with variables.

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