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When the Mighty Fall: Post-it Note #125

I have 5 kids.  I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen one take a tumble.  They fall down.  They jump up.  They go on.  421 more words

God's Grace

Play BIG By Granting Yourself Permission To Be Fractured/Broken

My parents were great at beating me up. How so? By pointing out where I failed to match their expectations. My school teachers were great at beating me up. 481 more words


An Upcoming Book Launch, and the Current State of Things

Yes, there is a book launch at which I will be reading coming up this week. Tomorrow (November 18th) in fact. Said book launch is for… 472 more words


Supporting Cast

Supporting Cast. The women in Fractured and just who they are. Every hero needs friends!


The Power of Music & The Power of The Pen.

How inspiration for languages and music in Fractured came from close to home. The Power of Music & The Power of The Pen..



My mind is brok-

-en, fractured imaginings, thoughts reflect-

-ed, refracted.

Focus fluid, swept aw-

-ay, lost in a swirling tempest of-

-distraction, procrasti-

-nation. 179 more words