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Alone in the dark
Glow of the moon
Little light
Through the window
Finding no torch
Smacking my shins
Oh for how is this punishment for sins? 18 more words


Fractured Faces Ghoul Mask buy

Fractured Faces Ghoul Mask

Fractured Faces Ghoul Mask. If you looking for Fractured Faces Ghoul Mask. For more details of Fractured Faces Ghoul Mask, please follow the link below. 37 more words

Somewhat Damaged

I’m losing track of myself; of my past; of who I am and who I have been. We’re all a jumble really. I say we and I am referring to me, but I’m not entirely sure who that is. 420 more words


Saturday Fright Night Up All Night (08/23/14)

1. The Portal 2013

2. Road Kill

3. Mummy Resurrected 2014

4. Dark Sky

5. Fractured


Fractured - Dani Atkins

This was a cheap purchase for my kindle that I bought before a plane journey, along with some other books. I bought it without really looking to see what it was about, except that it seemed to have mostly good reviews, and was going for a song on the ‘daily deal’. 168 more words


Fracked (#FrackOff)

Fractured thoughts,
Fractured minds,
Fractured wells,
Fractured mines.

Toxic politics,
Toxic lies,
Where’s the love?
Mother Earth cries :(

Return to nature,
Return to self, 23 more words