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Put a frame around it

Wrap it in a bow

Serve it on ice

What’s worth more, the frame or the poster? It turns out that a well-framed bit of graphics is often transformed, at least in the eyes of the person engaging with it. 83 more words

and then there was 2 or.... Next

I gave Girl#2 the big Next yesterday. She was at my house for the weekend, all the Girls were, and got to feeling combative. As one can imagine I don’t put up with much and in the course of our “discussion” she said “you know what Ton? 488 more words


218 E. Main Street

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”
Yves Saint-Laurent

(Click on the picture to zoom-in to see the details!)

We saw this unique door and window framework while walking along Main Street in Madison, Indiana.

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OODA deconstructed in Frame #102

Porto-based architecture studio ODDA developed a versatile, large-scale modular furniture piece which answers to the needs of modern day tenants, while ensuring the preservation of the character of pre-existing buildings. 12 more words

Frame Publishers

De Lisi. New for 2015.

Pen and ink drawing, (framed), 15x20cm, 2015


Functional frame

Earrings! One can never have enough! I know I can’t. I could never get them organised though. As many as I would own, I would only get to wear about 5 of ‘em because they would get tangled up, or i would have one but the other seemed to have escaped into another dimension or I could simply not find the ones I was looking for. 187 more words