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The View of the World through Glasses

I used to wonder what it would be like to need glasses, because with perfect vision, I had no concept of what that would be like.  306 more words


DIY Paris in Process: Walls 1 and 2

A: Activities

The never-ending DIY project: my 10 year-old daughter’s room. The discussion began in December 2012. At that time we could not reach a compromise on many important details, so we abandoned the project until a later date. 696 more words


Share Your Memories Using Custom Picture Frames

A picture is an outstanding way to display a variety of information. A customized picture frame is an unique device that can be used in many ways and powered by exceptional features. 219 more words


Seeing Behind the Glasses

There is also a more universal thing, I think for all guys, about the attraction of the slightly unknown.  Like if you see a girl from the rear three-quarter angle, and she looks attractive, but her hair hides most of her face from you.  331 more words


Displaying Kids Art: The Chic Way

If you’re a parent with young children, by now you’ve probably amassed piles of artwork and have literally ran out of space to display it.   Read on for fun ways to decorate the home with kids art - rivaling the work  of  Picasso, or Renoir, or Monet, or….well, you get the picture. 275 more words

Decorating Tips

In Need of Spring Cleaning

This past weekend I went to my aunt and uncle’s house for dinner because my cousin was in town (yayyyyyy) and when I got there, she was doing some spring cleaning of her own, going through all of her boxes of stuff that had been stored at my aunt and uncle’s. 335 more words


Gallery Wall Refresh

In need of a home refresh? Gallery walls are the perfect way to transform a room without breaking the budget. There are so many options too. 64 more words