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Beginning Angular

This week at TIY we are covering a whole lot of AngualrJS.  From the demonstration given by our instructor it seems to be a powerful tool.   91 more words


What are SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records all about?

As with a lot of new technologies the real power comes from when they are used by the masses.

Sender Policy Framework or SPF is no longer a new technology and is generally widely used to help preserve email domain reputation for large organisations, but  is not as well-known about in the Small to Medium sized business end of the email market. 1,076 more words


Benefits of Codeigniter Framework

Codeigniter is a framework  all  Developers  would like  to use. The first version was released in the year 2006 and the latest stable version came up by 2014 June. 354 more words


Epistemic Modesty Part 1 by Bob Overing and Adam Bistagne

In increasing numbers, LD debaters are arguing for epistemic modesty or “maximizing expected value” as an alternative method of framework evaluation. This article series will explain the argument, discuss its strategic value, and answer some common objections. 1,359 more words


Less.app: Compiling a URL Interpolation Variable issue.

So, I am working on a project for a client and that has existing code.  The styles are coded in less, which is very similar to sass which I am quite familiar.   200 more words

Software Development

'Poor as a stockinger'

For 400 years Nottinghamshire people have been involved in the hosiery trade, you’ll find them listed variously in parish and census records as Framework knitters, FWK or stockingers. 91 more words


Install Yii2 Framework


Yii adalah PHP framework berbasis component yang dirancang untuk membangun aplikasi web dengan cepat. Yii2 sendiri adalah mayor upgrade dari Yii1.1. Bagi pengguna Yii1, ada baiknya menganggap Yii2 adalah framework yang berbeda karena Yii 2 benar-benar ditulis ulang dengan memanfaatkan teknologi dan protocol terbaru saat ini. 231 more words