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Journey from JQuery to Backbone.js

Here is a great article on step by step migration from the conventional JQuery to the latest client side MVC framework – Backbone.js


Recalling a project with VRaptor.

I came across an article on Oracle’ Website today about JSR 371. I was surprised to see VRaptor Web Framework mentioned. It seems that VRaptor is known by a reasonable amount of people, that wasn’t the case about 10 years ago. 878 more words


Advantages and Disadvantages of Frameworks

A framework can bring you numerous advantages and could match your needs, however it likewise brings disadvantages to your projects. There are hundreds of frameworks out there, so be sure to choose very carefully, if you plan to make use of one in the future.

Frameworks: How to Navigate the New Testament

A brand new Christian who is sitting in the pew hears the pastor say – “Open up to Habbakuk 3:1” and has no idea where to even start looking for that book – or a seasoned Christian who has sat through innumerable sermons and Bible studies but wants to learn about the Bible on his own… this book by Eric Larson is for those two Christians and everyone in between. 481 more words


Make index.php accessible from root folder in Laravel 4.2

Laravel is one of my favorite PHP frameworks. It’s flexible and awesome! One problem I had with initial setup of Laravel was, if I had to view my web app installed on an Apache server, I had to browse to the public directory to view my app. 91 more words


Some useful PHP related links

An easy-to-read, quick reference for PHP best practices, accepted coding standards, and links to authoritative PHP tutorials around the Web



 PHP Framework Interop Group…

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