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Developing a Service Creation Environment for SIP Applications

I hoped of making a SIP application Development environment a year back and worked towards it earnestly . Sadly I wasn’t able to complete the job yet I have decided to share a few things about it here . 283 more words


Tactics vs. Frameworks

Everyone hunts for best practices. But best practices often fall into two tiers: Tactics and Frameworks.

Tactics tend to work in the short-term. Do x, y, and z to optimize for 1, 2, and 3. 159 more words


New Music: Frameworks - Fell in Love with a Girl

Yes it is, and yes it is I think I’ll say before anything. We missed its release on October 7th, but sometimes things are too good to ignore, so the chance to share FLorida Melodic Hardcore five piece Frameworks covering The White Stripes ‘Fell in love with a girl’ can’t be passed up. 191 more words


hearth witchery & unfucking your habitat

I can’t take credit for ‘unfuck your habitat’ as a phrase, though I wish I could.  There are entire sites dedicated to this fabulous phrase (and it’s much more safe-for-conservative-work “unfilth your habitat” version), which I… 601 more words



After seeing a presentation on Tuesday night at the local technology group, I am really believing that learning how to use frameworks is the next challenge I need to undertake. 431 more words

I'm not a rigid, frosty robot

I would love to say my inflexibility was of a physical nature. Thats super easy, because I could do a couple of yoga stretch exercises, and all would be well in a few weeks time. 851 more words


Tomorrow's Language

These past several weeks into immersive web development has been quite the ride. I have quickly learned that you can never be bored in this field due constant new discoveries and inventions. 104 more words

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