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Gobble, Gobble

Hello again fellow bloggers and readers! :) As Karen stated, time does seem to get away from us. We shall try to do better at posting on a more regular basis, not guaranteeing something every day but just more steady and less sporadic. 819 more words

Losing my hair, finding my faith

Okay, it’s time for real talk and honesty. I recently said I wouldn’t hide again when I’m facing a life challenge, so I’m going to hold myself to that promise. 1,784 more words

Boys & Girls

Holiday Crafting Ideas

So, Christmas will be here wayyyyy too soon. I’m not sure how I feel about that, yet. I’m really not sure how I feel about a local radio station already playing holiday music. 382 more words

Drinking And Eating

The 1st Dinner Party

I’m lucky enough to have a pretty tight group of friends. I’m super lucky that my husband and I have a great group of couple friends. 414 more words

Drinking And Eating

Adoption Is Beautiful - My Adoption Story

A/N – You get TWO posts in two days! Lucky! Lucky!! I am telling you about my adoption today! NOW, I would like to say that I may have gotten some of the details confused… I might come back and change them later, and in case there are some: sorry in advance! 1,087 more words

Man Responsible For "Framily" Is Being Frired By Sprint

Anyone who champions an ad campaign that features: a talking hamster voiced by Andrew Dice Clay; a French-speaking Girl Scout; a jerky, lanky goth named Gord-on; and the sadly wasted comedic talents of Judy Greer — and then tries to introduce the term “framily” into the lexicon — does not deserve to be a top executive at a major wireless provider. 145 more words