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Mementos from Paris

It’s now been almost seven months since I ran the Paris marathon – one of the best, most transformative experiences of my life.

Not being a keepsake type person, the lengths I’ve gone to to commemorate the achievement just goes to show the profound effect running the marathon has had on me. 260 more words

Paris Marathon 2014

Construction Under Way!

Construction is well under way at Jeffers Park! Starting last week, some of our members assisted in starting the construction of the pavilion. They are working hard this week to finish the framing and are starting construction on the roof. 59 more words


'About Perspective'

This was taken near where Dad lives while on the way back from a walk. On top of the building, there were birds of prey nesting. 81 more words

Photography Genre

Who framed Tony Zhou?

If you were already thinking, “Huh, two blog posts within a week – this is like Christmas! Just without the presents, turkey and Ibsenesque family drama!”, you’re only half right – no turkey, I’m afraid. 180 more words

The Meaning of Composition

Composition involves 3 things: 1) Information Value, 2) Salience, and 3) Framing. However, you might be, like me, thinking, “What the heck do any of those words mean?” Well, isn’t it convenient then that Kress and van Leeuwen wrote a chapter called  569 more words


The Saga of the Gingerbread Muffin: Chapter 2

October 27, 2014

In an earlier post I mentioned that I suck at framing. Yep. I suck at framing.

The building gods smiled on me in a BIG, BIG way. 142 more words