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Game Review: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (Re-post)

Once again a new Call of Duty has been released and, to be quite honest, we aren’t all that impressed with it. Sure there are a few things which have been improved upon in multiplayer since COD Ghosts, but overall it’s lost the entertainment and originality of the earlier releases (Black Ops and Modern Warfare). 827 more words

So So Gay

East Coast

Today saw the announcement of the winner of the new franchise to operate trains on the east coast mainline.

The line has been government owned since 2009. 125 more words



I am a regular user of the railways, though not – at the moment – a commuter.  Rare is the week that I do not make at least one, roughly-matched pair of journeys.   993 more words

Step into Life buyers pull out as more venues close than are ever sold

So many Step into Life franchisees are obsessed with selling their venues at the moment, that we thought it was time for a reminder of how that pans out under Culture Change. 721 more words

Step into Life state meeting promises transparency as pigs fly south for summer

Step into Life SA is getting pumped for Larry Cohen’s December visit, as promises of a soft drink and double-speak weasel word lies “transparency” whip the murdery state into a frenzy of excitement. 492 more words

Chipotle, Subway Want a Slice of the Pizza Business

Competition for a slice of the fast-casual pizza pie is revving up.

Earlier this year, Chipotle helped finance Pizzeria Locale, a Denver restaurant that aims to find a happy medium between delivery pizza and upscale Italian. 560 more words


#JurassicWorld Trailer

Social media and the general world wide web is ablaze with excitement as we recently saw the release of the first, official trailer for the new Jurassic World. 166 more words