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breakfast dessert

Happy 5th birthday Francine!

Thanks for sharing your “breakfast dessert” with us today!

Fall 101: The Island Girl's Guide to Fall.

Living in a tropical country is the best! But sometimes humidity and heat takes its toll even for a beach lover like me. So when my family planned to go to South Korea this fall, the first thing I thought “Oh Sh*t this will be cold” because the last time I’ve experienced fall was in New Zealand and damn that was hell for me. 255 more words


Catch me if you can: The Ups and Downs of the chasing someone that's not into you.

The feeling of chasing someone that’s clearly is not into you is like an addicting drug. First you’ve gain interest on the subject. Research about it, get fascinated, and entirely be consumed with the thought of it. 414 more words


now we're even!

A reminder beeped on my phone this afternoon.  It was for an event I had completely forgotten about.  It was probably added, along with one other, about two years ago.   143 more words

Having a depression in a country that’s known for being happy.

Philippines is a place that’s full of life, quirks and has unending energy. In the country where we see depression or even seeking a psychiatrist as an act of being crazy. 644 more words



ROCK MY BODY Teaser *Unedited*
Release Date: TBA

Two wrinkles form on Trip’s forehead as he furrows his brow. “Nice of you to grace us with your presence, asshole. 687 more words

Black Falcon