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What happened to November?  It was December all week and all week I’ve wondered what happened to November.  On Tuesday it was the second day my girls needed little boxes on their advent calendars filled with some wonderful something and I had to sneak into their Halloween candy so they could happily open that little door with a 2 on it and squeal in delight at the treat that was just hours earlier stolen from them.   174 more words

92. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, December 1st, 5:30pm
Drommen and Francine

Drommen: You know you can just quit your job.

Francine: And what, have you look after me?

Drommen: Of course. 107 more words

Short Stories

The Alien Inside Me: Walkthrough (complete)

It’s awesome that Roger is finally here, not so awesome that his spaceship takes 16 HOURS to build.
133 more words

Family Guy

Walkthrough: You are being watched (Updated)

Walkthrough for the questline “You are being watched” Starts with Stan smith.
78 more words

Family Guy

Character: What can you make Francine do?

This is what you can manipulate the lady of the smith house to do!

Family Guy

Character: How Do I Unlock Francine Smith

Find out which tasks and buildings will drop items to help unlock Francine Smith! 159 more words

Family Guy