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Francis Bacon - Fragment of a Crucifixion

In my case all painting… is an accident. I foresee it and yet I hardly ever carry it out as I foresee it. It transforms itself by the actual paint. 134 more words


Wednesday 22 October 2014

“In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy; but in passing it over, he is superior.”
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Daily Thoughts...

Contorted Figure Painting

From my cut-out figure compositions that I made last week, I chose one and made a painted version of it. As I did with a previous painting, I decided to paint using realistic tones so that the contorted form would look more plausible. 208 more words

Year 3

Unique Wisdom, Francis Bacon

“Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority.” Francis Bacon

The Art of Accompaniment

What did the Pope mean? Accompanying others, to encourage growth in the Christian life? Angry as some conservative catholics have been, I could give a conservative interpretation: the Catholic church still believes it has morality cornered, sorted, specified, and the Christian should be nice in encouraging the other to see it his way. 455 more words


Qs 4: Deleuze, "Body, Meat, and Spirit: Becoming-Animal," 1981

Deleuze, Gilles. “Body, Meat, and Spirit: Becoming-Animal.” 1981.

Lee, Spike. 25th Hour. 2002.

“There is not an arrangement of man and beast, nor a resemblance; it is a deep identity, a zone of indiscernibility more profound than any sentimental identification: the man who suffers is a beast, the beast that suffers is a man” (Deleuze 22). 305 more words

Continental Philosophy

Autumn Leaves Research

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