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PRAYER: Ten Meditations, by Francis de Sales

From Introduction to the Devout Life
(A modern rewriting, making these meditations easier to read and understand, can be found at the website for the Oblates of St. 5,728 more words


The Daughter of an Excellent Physician

The daughter of an excellent physician and surgeon, being in a continual fever, and knowing that her father loved her entirely, said to one of her friends: “I feel very great pain, but I do not think of remedies, for I do not know what might serve for my cure; I might desire one thing, and another might be necessary for me.

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Pleasant Zeal

The following words of advice from saints and sages are especially for persons who profess piety, but who are, in the words of Padre Quadrupani, “so prone to irritability, so harsh and rude in their manners and language, that they might be taken for angels in church and for demons elsewhere.” 285 more words



Zeal, which is steady ardor in loving, can be reasonable or unreasonable. It can be unreasonable in two ways: when zealotry coerces others to love something, and when… 287 more words


Have patience with all things – but first with yourself. Never confuse your mistakes with your value as a human being. You are a perfectly valuable, creative and worthwhile person simply because you exist.

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Random Mental Vomit

Enduring Earthly Struggles

No human life is without its struggles. St. Francis de Sales offers these reflections and practical advice on the subject:

“Rest is reserved for heaven; on earth we must always struggle between hope and fear, on condition that hope be ever the stronger when we consider the almighty power of Him who helps us.” 236 more words


An Obedient Will

St. Francis de Sales encourages the cultivation of a will that is wholly obedient to God and trusts in Divine Providence:

“There are two kinds of wills: one says, ‘I would like very much to do good, but it costs a disagreeable effort; it is too difficult’; the other says: ‘I desire indeed to do good; the will is not wanting, but the power alone stops me.’ The first fills hell, the second paradise.” 243 more words