Detective Comics #38

(Francis Manapul / Brian Buccellato / DC Comics)

After battling inconsistency since the New 52 relaunch, Detective Comics has finally found its footing under the guidance of collaborators Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato. 196 more words


Review-a-day: Detective Comics #38

Anarky reigns in the streets of Gotham city. Which isn’t actually anything all that unusual, right? It is Gotham after all. What’s one more masked madman creating chaos for Batman to deal with? 32 more words

DC Comics

The New Year's 52: Green Lantern

In the course of talking to comic creators this year, I started to think about their unique talents and what I think they would be best suited to.  1,143 more words


Best of 2014: Best Artist

Without artists, all of your favorite characters, scenes, costumes, and locations would just be words on a page. In short, they’re the ones that make comics comics. 1,582 more words

Greg Capullo

QUICK REVIEWS: Darwyn Cooke Week 1 (DC)

Action #37 - I Won’t Be Back.
Detective Comics #37 – I’ll Try More.
Grayson #5 -I Won’t Be Back.
Green Lantern #37 -I’d be willing to try the collection, but not next issue. 779 more words


Review-a-day: Detective Comics #37

With the ever so brief “Terminal” now behind us, Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul return to Detective Comics and they bring with them a brand-new story arc. 39 more words

DC Comics