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fahrenheit 451 (book & movie)

Having read Ray Bradbury’sFahrenheit 451‘ for the first time very recently – although among my peers from different countries it seems to bea mandatory book during teenage years – I decided to also take a look at… 600 more words


TruffautHitchcockVillela: Part 1

This article is a partially fictitious account wherein I imagine myself in conversation with two of the greatest minds in cinema: Truffaut and Hitchcock. This work was inspired by the series of interviews the two conducted which was later turned into a book. 1,022 more words


Sculpting in Time

The relationship between movies and time is integral to the medium’s essence: film itself is a succession of still images moving so quickly that we feel they are existing in front of us like our experience of the world and of time itself.   514 more words

Chapter 5

Trussardi, Jules et Jim

Jules et Jim 1962 – Trussardi FW 2014

A collection for the stylish tomboy, for the rebel and unconventional, like Catherine in Truffaut’s  Jules et Jim. 184 more words


I had been especially eager to see Dead and Breathing, mostly because it purportedly tackled the important theme of “right to die,” and it sounded like a light-hearted approach to a controversial subject. 926 more words


A Discussion of Film Technique

The early filmmakers and film theorists (many of whom were both) discovered the fundamental techniques of film and hence called for the appreciation of the medium as an art form. 2,342 more words

Film Chatter

Behind the Scenes: The 400 Blows

Francois Truffaut on the set of his semi-autobiographical directorial debut The 400 Blows (1959). Truffaut was only 27-years-old when the film was released. Pic via The Film Stage.

Behind The Scenes