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Spoiler Alert Saturday :: my thoughts on Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Okay.  So Sin City was my very first R-rated movie in theaters, and that was a big deal for me.  And it was stylized as heck, and that’s fun, and I am big into Robert Rodriguez as you all know, and I do have that fondness for fictional prostitutes.  422 more words

I watched Sin City: A dame to kill for

This should come out on a “recut & extended edition” DVD so you can watch it as shorts. I’m sure it’s waaaay better reformatted that way.


Sin City: A Movie to 'Meh' For

If Guardians of the Galaxy represents what summer blockbusters can be at their best, and TMNT represents what they could be at their worst, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is the perfect embodiment of summer blockbuster mediocrity. 786 more words


Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For 2014

I think more than any movie before it, this had the quickest drop from being a movie that I was looking forward to a ton to being a movie that I was dreading watching once I started hearing all the negative reviews coming in from many of my fellow reviewers who were watching early screenings. 1,091 more words


...Count Your Sins

When Frank Miller’s “Sin City” came out in 2005, it was generally well received. The film, co-directed by Miller and Robert Rodriguez, was groundbreaking, and introduced a mainstream audience to its gritty film noir style. 252 more words


The Sin City: The Dame Who Kills For

I saw the Sin City 2 movie. I am writing a review of it. I can review this movie because it’s based on some comics made by Frank Miller, and Frank Miller made some other comics and stuff, so this is a comic book movie even without people in their underwears choking each other. 573 more words


From the Stage at Kadie's

She pours me coffee and flirts right through me with her eyes, and a smile, in my direction.  I know I’m not the only one, but a man can dream.  178 more words