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Happy Happy Joy Joy

Sometimes things happen which are just happy happy joy joy things. Today such a thing happened. No, McNulty didn’t get run over by a truck. No, Fred Nile didn’t get discovered in a parliamentary closet wearing a gimp outfit buggering a goat. 287 more words

Give Me One Fine Day Of Plain Sailing Weather - Crash Fest 2014, Hamburg

Well, the weather at Crash Fest was typical northern German. Lots of rain, some wind with an occasional rainbow. I definitely wasn’t on form either. A massive cold as a result of not taking enough warm clothes to Highfield Festival, d’oh. 291 more words

Frank Turner

Faithful Son - A Frank Turner Musical

#2 – August 27
A Frank Turner Musical

DENNIS – A free spirit independent musician who don’t need no money to complete him… 3,093 more words


Frank Turner - Our Exclusive Interview With One Of The UK's Biggest Rockers

Frank Turner, the most poetic punk rocker from the States to Meonstoke, Hampshire, spoke with No Apologies Magazine about his 5th studio album Tape Deck Heart, getting older, his love of dogs, and more.  108 more words

Let's Inherit The Earth... - Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls in Nuremberg (Hirsch) and Augsburg (Ostwerk)

Sometimes you make a lot of sacrifices for your favorite band. However, to you it doesn’t feel like sacrificing at all. Phrases like “you’re mad” or “why are you doing this” are standard whenever I tell my non-gig-friends about my trips. 1,005 more words

Frank Turner

My Top Ten (fourteen) cover versions

There are many great tribute bands out there whose objective is to mimic their idols. I think over the years I’ve enjoyed at least 3 Queen tribute bands. 611 more words


Möngöl Hörde

Coming to the debut, self-titled, album from Möngöl Hörde part of me thinks any review should compare this work to that of Million Dead, frontman Frank Turner’s previous, now defunct, hardcore band. 376 more words