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I’m in two minds about this movie. On one hand, its delightfully quirky and features some powerhouse performances from Michael Fassbender and Domhnall Gleeson. On the other, it seems to perpetuate the idea that mental illness is somehow linked to creativity. 619 more words


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Usually I lead off with a synopsis, but honestly, this movie is quite difficult to summarize. Basically, it surrounds a very strange band, led by Frank. 642 more words

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Frank... two


by Abe & the Elum

Frank watched the woman turn the corner at the end of the street and disappear from view. He could hear her high heels clicking on the paving so he knew where she was.  242 more words



I love movies with a little weirdness. Both these upcoming flicks have just the correct dosage of obscurity. I mean, what’s in that room? And why won’t he take off that head? 7 more words


The tricky thing about any film about a fictional band is expressing talent without actually having the years of hard work and, well, talent that goes into a truly exceptional band. 928 more words

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Not in vane..

The wind vane of the Hydrovane steering system looked like being a pain to assemble, so it has languished in its box until today, when ai decided to give it a go. 77 more words


Review: Frank

What does it mean to be a genius? Is this label solely applicable to the Einsteins and Hawkings of the world; celebrated minds with international renown. 815 more words

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