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Iteration over multidimesionn ArrayList

I searched a lot for answers to my question, but I found nothing so far.

I’m implementing a class for some operations on matrices. At the beginning I used 2×2 arrays, and they worked, but now for some other methods I’ve decided to switch to 2×2 ArrayList that are more versatiles. 750 more words




  • Lie – the long axis of the fetus
    • Transverse
    • Longitudinal
  • Presentation – the part of the body facing the outlet
    • Cephalic
    • Shoulder
    • Breech
  • Presenting Part – the actual organ facing the outlet…
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Frank Sinatra TV Special - 75th Birthday - 1990

Many of you have been asking me to upload the complete full version of the impossible to find Sinatra 75th Birthday Television Special that was aired in 1990… 22 more words

How To Get Away With Murder S1E5 Recap: “All people have secrets”

By Lexie Schapitl

Before I dive in to what happened on this week’s episode of HTGAWM, I would just like to say that if have to see that Middleton cheerleader flying through the air in slow motion one more time I might have an aneurism. 932 more words

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Frank Encounters "Real Live" Falcon

Frank had an awesome time with Jared this week!  Frank came beak to beak with another falcon (check out that awesome picture!) and tried to make friends, but the other falcon quickly flew away. 52 more words

Frank Sinatra - That's Life

Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/grainbow1989 Copyright by Georgia Rainbow. Made for my grandad and a love of change throughout life. I was 16/17 whe…
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Give Frank a Break...

When I was living in Australia I signed up for many campaigns, sometimes I just can’t help myself, I see a good looking petition thats heading in the direction of Sustainability or Equality (preferably both, i’m not fussy though) and i’m there. 319 more words