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'The Bridge' recap: Delicate plans

Season 2 | Episode 8 | “Goliath” | Aired Aug 27, 2014

The tables continue to turn as we pass the midpoint of season two. The stakes are high; we have a better idea of where the plot is going. 1,492 more words

'The Bridge' recap: Unbearable truths

Season 2 | Episode 7 | “Lamia” | Aired Aug 13, 2014

Daniel is high, jamming to music with his sponsor (guest star Brian Baumgartner of… 1,435 more words

'The Bridge' recap: The harvesting of secrets

Season 2 | Episode 6 | “Harvest of Souls” | Aired Aug 13, 2014

The mystery of the drawings is solved. Jack has traced his brother’s artistic renderings to a water tower in the middle of the desert. 885 more words

Run Lola Run

"The ball is round, a game lasts 90 minutes, everything else is pure theory. Off we go!"
- Herr Schuster
Dir: Tom Tykwer                          DoP: Frank Griebe… 55 more words

'The Bridge' recap: Eye of the deep

Season 2 | Episode 5 | “Eye of the Deep” | Aired Aug 6, 2014

David Tate is back.

Last season’s villain is now in prison, mopping up the lunch room, when he gets attacked by his fellow inmates. 1,040 more words

'The Bridge' recap: Don't touch me

Season 2 | Episode 4 | “The Acorn” | Aired July 30, 2014

This episode continues the theme of framing each episode with Eleanor’s scene. She now walks on an abandoned road in the desert. 1,100 more words

'The Bridge' recap: Metamorphosis

Season 2 | Episode 3 | “Sorrowsworn” | Aired July 23, 2014

The week’s episode reintroduces some of last season’s supporting characters and their own subplots. 1,285 more words