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'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley Review

Why the Hell is ‘Frankenstein’ Classic Literature? Who even decided on this? Seriously. Who sat down one day and said ‘you know what was a really exciting Gothic novel that we should really make a classic so it can be loved and read for hundreds of years? 533 more words


A New Life - Fresh Start

(A New Life 0 – see below)

AAAABBBBCCCC – Test, test. 1234567890 OK.  Hello?

Sorry. I’m just starting my journal and everything is so new. 772 more words


more zombie opera

NY Observer: “When It Comes to Opera, Walking Dead Trump German Romanticism” By James Jorden:

La Zombiata’ shines, but SummerScape turns Weber into Ed Wood…

366 more words

Frankenstein's Monster is Kind of a Dick

Have you been watching Penny Dreadful on Showtime? It’s a new show that weaves together all sorts of famous characters from horror literature – Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and Prof. 359 more words


Coffee Shop of Horrors - Roast Review Part 1

The writers here at the Graveyard are fueled by a few simple things: metal, horror movies, alcohol (in vast quantities!) and, possibly even more important than alcohol, CAFFEINE! 569 more words


Book Cravings

Have you ever just needed to reread a book? I mean, have you ever just felt so overwhelmed with the real world that you long to escape once more into “fairylands forlorn” with Lucy Pevensie or Bilbo Baggins? 519 more words


Universal's Possible Movie Monster Shared Universe

Monster movies have always been interesting, real creepy and even horrifying most times, from the tale of Dracula to the stories of Swamp Thing. These old phenomenal classics were the first illustrations of horror in cinema history during the late Boris Karloff’s stardom since the early 1930’s. 202 more words

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