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Three-Act Thesis

An analogy from film for writing an argument and developing a stronger thesis…

As a way to rethink the definition of a strong thesis in academic writing, I propose we consider the structure of another genre of writing, another writing machine: film writing. 1,229 more words

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Three Men, in a suit, in makeup and as a woman

A man in a suit.

Ricou Browning donned the first suit to film the underwater gill monster in Creature from the Black Lagoon. He also worked in the sequels. 261 more words


Wedding Woes


“I have one secret, Elizabeth, a dreadful one’ when revealed to you, it will chill your frame with horror… I will confide this tale of misery and terror to you the day after our marriage shall take place.” 301 more words

Doomed to Live

Henry Clerval, my closest childhood friend, dead. My human frame couldn’t take any more shocks, and I started convulsing, and was extremely ill for two months. 142 more words

The Wretch


“I left Switzerland with you; I crept along the shores of the Rhine, among its willow islands and over the summit of its hills. I have dwelt many months in the heaths of England, and among the deserts of Scotland. 264 more words

There to Haunt Me


I feel in many ways like a children’s story of long ago. The Princess and the Seven Swans? The Princess and the Swans? The princess was forced to create clothing from thistles in order to save her brothers, but in order for the curse to work, she must remain silent, enduring the pain by herself. 242 more words

My story (part 1)

Hello. You may be wondering who I am… What I am…

Well, to answer that question, I would have to first tell you my story.  309 more words