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Ultimate greed

The Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) was the largest robbery in broad daylight this country has ever seen. Hundreds of billions of pesos were hurriedly spent for projects that didn’t undergo rigid planning. 883 more words

Evil genius

I agree with former Senator Joker Arroyo.
The crafting of the DAP and its misuse to strengthen the hold of the Liberal Party on Philippine politics was evil. 73 more words

DAP and the death of decency

No sitting President has been rebuked by the Supreme Court in the exercise of its power of judicial review as part of the checks and balance mechanism in our democratic government than the most recent 13-0 decision it rendered on the Development Acceleration Program (DAP) involving billions of pesos in public funds as being “illegal” and “unconstitutional”. 757 more words

The reign of deceit

I never gave this affair about Jed Patrick E. Mabilog being nominated for a supposed “World Mayor” award until my friend, lawyer and journalist Teofisto “Pistong” Melliza, shared on my Facebook wall a campaign poster seeking voter support for the Iloilo City mayor among netizens. 820 more words