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Book Discussion: Rooseveltcare - How Social Security is Sabotaging the Land of Self-Reliance by Don Watkins

For an upcoming book discussion, I drafted the following announcement:

“ Social Security is immoral.” – Don Watkins

Come and join us for a discussion of Don Watkins’ new book…

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Political Discussions

Workers Unite!

A very happy Labor Day to all!

Today we celebrate workers – you know, the humans who actually produce the wealth that the rich like to appropriate. 115 more words


As we approach Labor Day, the traditional kick-off date of political campaigns, I am suddenly confronted with the question of what makes a political activist? For each of us, the answer is unique to our own individual lives but the reasons are the same in some ways. 1,037 more words


Happiness lies in the joy of achievement

and the thrill of creative effort.

                                 Franklin Roosevelt

Friday Scribblings

Human Smoke

Lately I have been reading Human Smoke, Nicholson Baker’s pacifist history of the beginning of World War II. Although I don’t find Baker’s main argument – that Britain might have provoked Germany into war – convincing, I find the book interesting nonetheless. 215 more words

World War II

Are You Ready for the Roosevelts?

(Photo courtesy of the FDR Presidential Library)

At my current pace I expect to begin reading the best biographies of Teddy Roosevelt at the end of this year or early in 2015.   232 more words


The Detroit Race Riots of 1943

The riot that broke out on the evening of June 20, 1943 at a popular beach park wasn’t the first sign of racial tensions in Detroit. 484 more words

Franklin Roosevelt