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Pre-Presidents' Month Presidential Birthday

The sale signs are up. The noise has started.

What used to be Lincoln’s Birthday and Washington’s Birthday then became Presidents’ Week – now it is President’s Month. 188 more words


President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on Government of the Rich, By the Rich and For the Rich, and all at the expense of everybody else

This is the reason why President Roosevelt successfully pushed for a 90 percent top marginal tax rate, to ensure the success of democracy for everybody, not just the rich.


Obama Turns a Page

WILLIAM KRISTOL,  The Weekly Standard

Otto von Bismarck may never have said what’s often ascribed to him: “There is a special Providence for drunkards, fools, and the United States of America.” 679 more words


Memento Monday: Keep Calm

I saw this display at the Franklin Roosevelt National Historic Site Gift Shop in New York.

What good words to keep in mind in this highly stressful world we live in. 19 more words


Bad Start in Presidents After 22nd Amendment

After the 22nd Amendment eliminated senile old men like Franklin Roosevelt hanging on as President, there was run of morally-challenged Presidents. We need to vote with more care. 441 more words

22nd Amendment

Allen West (Video) Obama releases convicted Islamic terrorist from federal prison

This is from Allen West Republic.

In a sane world Obama would be charged with treason handcuffed and perp walked out of the White House. 65 more words

State of the Spectacle

The State of the Union address is a constitutional requirement… Article 1; Section 3- He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient… 136 more words