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My One Piece Adventure : Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Or the beginning of the end if you like.

I kind of guessed what was coming at the end of this, well not the end end of this but nearly the end of this arc. 1,609 more words

Media Reviewing

Student Spotlight: Franky

Meet Franky, our super dedicated and kind 14 years old LLI student, from zone S. For past four years, Franky has been a regular fixture at LLI classes, and is extremely dedicated to improving his English. 176 more words

The Docotor is Here, Let Him Come! - Stage 1

Here is a glimpse at the latest “Horror Genre” comic 3D Resin Painting I’m working on:  “The Doctor is Here / Let Him Come!”  I’m still deciding on the final title of the piece because I’m still working on the “backstory”.  70 more words

Divers, Spacemen and a whole lot of Resin!

“It’s been a long, long…long time.” George Harrison

Hey, I’ve been up to my nose in enamel paint (with a nice new respirator…I can breath easier now!)  Been busy trying to complete my first series of 3D resin paintings for a show.  236 more words

Select 1 table, update another

I’m trying to update users within a table, that have rank 3 in another table. Here’s an example:


id   respect   activity_points
1    10        1200
2    10        700
3    10        90
… 29 more words

Suuuuupeeeeeer I'm Coming (Franky POP S.A.)

Hey great news, remember the contest where fans will be voting on which limited POP they wanted to be re-printed.

Well the winner was the super hard to get Franky Sailing Again POP. 146 more words