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WCF Liu Gu Kingdom figures (pictures and boxes)

Here are some pictures of the upcoming WCF set of the Liu Gu Kingdom.

It seems that this set will be separated in two different volumes. 85 more words

One Piece-Inspired Outfits

Here’s a link to my latest video…with my new camera! Praise be. The quality is so much better now & I’m really excited to fully kickstart my YouTube channel since I have no more excuses with this new camera! 21 more words

Enjoy having your mind blown with the amazingness of this song. Best intro so far.

I’ve maybe listened to this song at least 50 times in the past 2 days. I smile every time I watch this video. Literally gives me a warn fuzzy feeling inside. 6 more words

Not just some Netflix Bingefest

As the summer has finally started, there are dozens of choices of activities to pursue. From those who spend the next two months in summer camp in the countryside, or others who spend it working in the city, the possibilities are endless. 1,935 more words

"Primal Scream" & "Google Me" at Merdith College, NC: June 22nd-July 20th

After months of investigation, research, trial and error…SUCCESS!  I finally completed two 3D resin paintings in the comic format.  “Primal Scream” was the “breakthrough artwork” while “Google Me was completed in with a ONE DAY / 10 Hour painting marathon…uggh. 103 more words