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[Day 242]: Pug Shot

Frank loves to burrow under the bed. And sometimes his pooter sticks out like this.


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[Day 235]: Pug Shot

Frank has so many facial expressions… Sometimes he looks grouchy like this. Along with his snorts and singing, he is quite the expressive pug. Happy Monday!


[Day 228]: Pug Shot

How can you even compare me to that fake pug? I’m way cuter!


[Day 224]: DIY Pug Doctor

This may be one of my most desperate DIY projects. A few months ago during his morning walk, Franky got his paw stuck in a chain link fence and managed to rip his claw out completely with his own strength. 137 more words


[Day 221]: Pug Shot

Frank is an eye boog factory. My husband and I are constantly cleaning his eyes… And I forgot to do it before I took this photo haha.


[Day 214]: Pug Shot

It always surprises me how long Frank’s torso actually is. He loves nesting on his favorite rug, and frequently brings his treats to savor here. And as a gentlemanly pug, he always wipes his face (in the rug) after eating…