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One Piece : Putting All My Love Into Lucien

Chapter 775

Last week was all Tontatta’s and their Princess with healing powers, this week we finish the manliest fight there is going.

Its Franky vs Senor Pink. 253 more words

Media Reviewing

[Day 277]: Pug Shot

Franky is okay with water and getting cleaned… but he hates the hairdryer and if we aren’t careful he will dash out of the bathroom dripping with water. 26 more words


One Piece Favorite Characters

Here’s my favorite characters for this anime.

Bartolomeo the Cannibal is a Super Rookie and the captain of the Barto Club. He was also a gladiator competing at the Corrida Colosseum for the Mera Mera no Mi. 1,253 more words

[Day 270]: Pug Shot

“Nope… I don’t want to go out yet.” Have you ever seen such a lazy pug in your life? I put Franky’s harness and jacket on while he was laying down!


Cosplay: One Piece Straw Hat Crew in Film Z

One Piece is currently one of the biggest anime and manga’s out in the anime world, it features a great adventure following Luffy and the Strawhat’s as they head for the fortune in the new world. 96 more words

Daily Anime Art

[Day 263]: Pug Shot

Pugs are nesters by nature. Franky generally sleeps 14 hours a day!


[Day 256]: Pug Shot

Here is Frank with one of his favorite toys, Rudolph. It used to belong to my sister-in-law when she was a child, and pug claimed him. 27 more words