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P as Penguin Refuge



Welcome back to an icy place!

This time I’m going to introduce you to Penguin Refuge.

Originally this island was the setting for a standalone story, Betty the warrior penguin. 331 more words


O as Orange

As I mentioned in my previous post, today I’m going to bring you for the first time in the deepest part of the ocean. We’ll go down and down until we reach that part of the under the sea territory inhabited by different beings. 395 more words


N as Net



As I mentioned in my previous post, Net is the hunter village located in the wood in the south eastern part of Mories.

The villagers are all hunters, women included, and even if in the later part of their life they’re covering other roles, there was a moment in their early years in which they took a weapon and went to kill a beast. 348 more words


M as Mories

Mories is one of the two medieval styled countries of my world. It is located north from Black Dragon at the extreme west of the main island. 402 more words


L as Liquorice Village

As I told you before this is the last stop in Dough Land. For a little while you won’t hear about this anymore, unless I’ll have one of my flash ideas that I absolutely have to share with you! 426 more words


K as Ku


Today just a short post as I’m in work, sorry!

Ku is one of the many ice fairy villages scattered on the Fairy Alps in Penguin Refuge Island. 341 more words


J as Jungle

As I said yesterday, today’s post will be about a place more mysterious and dangerous than every previous place I’ve described so far. Yes, maybe even more than Black Dragon. 428 more words