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Too many TV shows

Following my blog I’m sure you know by now that from time to time I have to talk about a new TV series I follow. 1,050 more words


Primo Levi and “The truce”

Once again my feelings took over and I’m at the keyboard writing something I didn’t mean to write today on my blog.

As I showed you a few posts before, in my reading pile I had “La tregua” by Primo Levi. 660 more words


Franny's Five-Day Detox

Evening all! On Sunday, I returned from sunny Cyprus. SERIOUSLY sunny. I’m talking 30-degrees-hours-dedicated-to-lazing-around sunny. It was tough. England’s temperatures have dropped and not for the better. 635 more words


Dreaming of wedding and nail polish

Tell me the truth, you were wondering about what is happening to my dreams. After a few months of close and strict update I haven’t told you anything anymore. 701 more words


Confession of a book lover.



I was tagged on Facebook in a post asking you to list 10 books you loved most.

Being a reader and book lover, I don’t see books like some stupid rectangular objects. 408 more words


Franny and Zooey - J.D. Salinger

UK Publisher: Penguin

Length: 160 in paperback

For Fans Of:  The Royal Tenenbaums, The Secret History, The Perks of Being A Wallflower

Synopsis: Two short stories make up this short book. 156 more words


Judging a person from his book!

I had another idea for today’s post but waiting for Maya to fall asleep last night I came across this article and something inside me stirred uncomfortably. 743 more words