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Frantic but calm....

Well today did not go as expected at all. I have to say it is nice to be able to breathe and not worry about what obsticle may come flying at me next. 342 more words

Momma's birthday 😊💕

12 November 2014



Meet Kez 115

Shopping list: The Star
Cold storage
Poon huat:
/Hershey’s semi-sweet baking White choc OR drizzle dark choc OR chocolate drops…

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Dead Lighter

A few weeks ago, I hit one of the low, more desperate times since I’ve been a smoker.

I had walked out to my smoking spot, was about to light up another cigarette when all I got from my lighter was sparks. 383 more words


Not connected

I am really not connected to myself today, and can’t write from the heart. I have just found a picture of my daughter’s boyfriend on her phone that is showing a boner through his shorts!! 18 more words

Frantic - The Harrison Ford Peen: Get Off My Podcast #12

It’s 1988 and Harrison Ford is nude. Well, sorta. All kinds of little crazy things happen to Dr. Richard Walker in Frantic. We talk about the film and what it meat for Harrison. 112 more words

Harrison Ford



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Swiftian Storytelling: "Out Of The Woods"

In all honesty, I am not the biggest fan of ‘Shake It Off’, the first single off 1989, . Yes, it’s catchy, and very, very different from her previous musical endeavours, which was a deliberate strategy on Swift’s part but it just didn’t click with me. 519 more words