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Swiftian Storytelling: "Out Of The Woods"

In all honesty, I am not the biggest fan of ‘Shake It Off’, the first single off 1989, . Yes, it’s catchy, and very, very different from her previous musical endeavours, which was a deliberate strategy on Swift’s part but it just didn’t click with me. 519 more words

I Call Him Dad

I woke up this morning and my heart cried out Dad.  I don’t always wake up that way.  Sometimes, I yell on the inside, … 519 more words

FemmeFuel By Sasha Katz

Frantic Pace

Running, running, just hurrying everywhere. Life’s demands keep you in despair. Do you know where you’re going? Do you know where you’ve been? You’re going in circles and there’s no end. 282 more words

Living Life, Your Journey, Trust, Believe

The Effect Of The Internet And The Loss Of Knowledge

“Most recently, one of friends from college had posted a message about having the stomach flu, and a long thread followed, with friends making suggestions about remedies, some offering sympathy, some posting photos meant to cheer her up. 877 more words

The Circle

Looks Like a Duck

Have you ever watched a duck move across the water? They move so smoothly, as if they are gliding on ice. They look calm, serene, unhurried. 330 more words