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Understanding White Privilege Essential for Africa Europe Youth Cooperation

Many-a-time, the discussion about white privilege revolves around the topic of race relations between white and black people in the United States of America, and many mistakenly think that it is literally an issue of white verses black. 1,156 more words


El Moudjahid

El Moudjahid is currently an Algerian French language newspaper, published daily (except on Fridays) and founded in 1962 at the end of the Algerian War of Independence. 476 more words

New Acquisitions

Whose Thucydides?

I’m currently trying to write a piece entitled ‘The Idea of Thucydides in Western Culture’, which aims to combine the development over the last few centuries of an idea of Thucydides as an individual authority figure (largely or entirely separate from his work) and the appearance of Thucydides in non-academic contexts; depending on how much time I get to work on this over the next week, it will either be appearing in the  717 more words


Sodastream & the Glass Ceiling for Arab Workers

In an essay entitled Michael Walzer’s ‘Exodus and Revolution’: A Canaanite Reading, Edward Said suggested that the Left and liberal intellectualism had turned their back on ideas of utopia and radicalism and were concerned instead with realism. 572 more words


When Ghettos Become Verbs and We Concede Our “Wrongness of Being”

Originally published in Issue 3.

We change nouns into verbs. But they still things even when they mere words. Is that what I heard, or is that what you said? 1,490 more words


Carlos Noronha Feio: Matter of Relation

Carlos Noronha Feio, ’3, 2, 1, 0 A A and away 1, 2..’,  Tapete de Arraiolos, 5×6 meters, Wool, 2011, Courtesy the artist.

London-based artist… 2,882 more words


Yeezy and the Performed Blackness of 'New Slaves'

As the vexed history of race relations in the United States will attest, the concept of “blackness” and the issue of its (re)presentation through various means of cultural production is fraught with a heavy, living memory of racial violence in which the black body is reduced to inferior status–in the Eurocentric “hierarchy of being”–by dint of skin color. 991 more words