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Against Multiculturalism: Why We Don't Need To Promote African Culture

What is culture? There are two general descriptions.

Culture often means the arts, including cinema, theatre, music, literature. This, the first description, is often the definition of culture the West gives when referring to itself. 643 more words


Fighting the Instinct to Answer

We’ve always grown up with that childish notion of calling someone by a name to see if he/she will respond. “Hey stupid, turn around”. “Yo idiot, answer me”. 1,224 more words


10 Books Every Young African American Should Read!

 Whether interested in learning, or just gaining more knowledge about African heritage and culture, nothing beats opening a good book. Still, with so many choices at one’s disposal, deciding on a title can prove difficult. 211 more words


Tourism, White Privilege and Colonial Mentality in East Africa

By Samira Sawlani

We walked into the police station in Uganda. My white British friend who wanted to file a complaint had asked me to accompany her. 1,979 more words

United States

People Judge Your Looks

I can already here some of the criticisms of this video: “Doug, you have bought into the politically correct agendas.” But that is obviously false, since I am so non-politically correct in other ways. 25 more words

Critical Race Theory

Painters might tumble in too

“Romare Bearden … said that at the beginning of the Italian Renaissance some artists resisted the demands of their patrons for paintings conforming to the rules of perspective that had become fashionable.

1,077 more words
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Sharlene Khan: Nervous Conditions

Link to Nervous Conditions I , © Sharlene Khan, 2014. Text posted here has been written as an exhibition catalogue essay. Funding is being sought for its publication  © Yvette Greslé 2014. 3,436 more words