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Now You See Me...:(In)Visibility In Jordan Casteel's 'Visible Man'

In his iconic The Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison writes, “I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me. Like the bodiless heads you see sometimes in circus sideshows, it is as though I have been surrounded by mirrors of hard, distorting glass. 1,065 more words


#What a depressing world it is.

I don’t think my shock will ever end from this world. The extents to which it can get insensitive perplexes me. And that reaction extant further shocks me. 1,010 more words



Continuing to plunder the archives while I am away, this is the third in my series of old book reviews on the theme of race, identity and difference. 1,318 more words

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"The Lived Experience of the Black Man" by Frantz Fanon (Excerpts)

“Dirty nigger!” or simply “Look! A Negro!”

I came into this world anxious to uncover the meaning of things, my soul desirous to be at the origin of the world, and here I am an object among other objects. 634 more words


Hannah Arendt's "On Violence"

1969 has sometimes been described as a time of madness.  The year before saw youth uprisings in the United States, France, and Czechoslovakia.  The French students, protesting an ossified education system not only brought down the government; they managed to collapse the entire French Republic, a revolution that no one expected to succeed.   1,448 more words

Ferguson MO

“For us who are determined to break the back of colonialism, our historic mission is to authorize every revolt, every desperate act, and every attack aborted or drowned in blood.”

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Caribbean Philosophical Association 2015 Meeting: “Shifting the Geography of Reason XII—Technologies of Liberation”

I love the theme for next year’s Caribbean Philosophical Association 2015 Annual Meeting, “Shifting the Geography of Reason XII:  Technologies of Liberation;” quite a propos, since next year will also be Frantz Fanon’s 90th birthday. 300 more words

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