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Gawain: King of the World

How many years has it been? How many years has it been since your birth? Most of you have a limited age, something around 70 years, which sounds like a lot to you humans. 3,852 more words

Shorter Works

wide table fit into beamer

I have been struggling to include a very wide table into beamer. Does anyone know how to properly scale the following table in order to fit the frame and be readable at the same time? 1,328 more words

Tannenfels and Morovna, cont.

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In Tannenfels, König Johann Von Fels was a doctor and scientist, theorizing and experimenting with interdimensional metaphysics 460 more words


"Rock of Ages" Casts "Big Brother" Franki Grande

Franki Grande, half-brother of Ariana Grande and Big Brother finalist, was tapped to play Franz in Rock of Ages. The part, which is pretty big despite what the movie says, was one Grande always wanted to play. 123 more words