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Fraser Games 4: Repetition Wins

Business in Vancouver ran this story back in June:

Vancouver has the world’s second most competitive taxes for business: KPMG


Vancouver is the second most competitive major city – defined as those with a population of two million or more – when it comes to business taxes, according to a KPMG report released June 17.

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Fraser Games - 3: "So even though that's not true, why do you think that is?"

That’s one of my favourite lines from the Jon Stewart show.  Some things are so widely believed that, even when they’re wrong, they’re still taken as true. 128 more words


Reality check: Canadian family tax spending - 1961 versus today

TORONTO – A Fraser Institute study released Tuesday suggested the average Canadian family’s total tax bill has increased by 1,832 per cent since 1961—but many economists have pointed out potential flaws in the measurement and conclusions of the report. 606 more words


Fraser Games - 2: Infortainment Clickbait for a gullible media

YVRLutyens posts a comment below that deserves a higher profile – namely here – regarding the Fraser Institute’s report on increases in total taxation.

Like the TomTom congestion reports…

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Canadian families spend more on taxes than needs: Fraser Institute

Watch above: study suggests Canadians spend more on taxes than necessities

SASKATOON – A non-partisan report claims the average Canadian families spend 42 per cent of their income taxes on taxes, compared to 36 per cent on basic necessities like food and clothing. 209 more words


Canadians pay 42% of income in tax — more than they spend on food, shelter, clothing combined | National Post

Unfortunately, all too typical of shallow economic analysis, aligned with ideology.

Of course, one can and should always question value for money with respect to taxation, as well as reviewing the need for government intervention and programs. 224 more words


Fraser Games - 1: Choosing your Stats

A good illustration of power of selective measurement:

The headline (from Business in Vancouver):

Canadians spend more on taxes than they do on food, clothing and shelter combined, says Fraser Institute.

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