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Bean Boot Crew

A lot of my friends in my fraternity own Bean Boots, so tonight I asked them to wear them to our weekly Sunday meeting. There are 14 guys in my fraternity that own a pair. 39 more words


One thing we can all do without: Fratbro Fighting Secrets

I recently put a post up here about my scepticism behind how much weight people put on martial arts that are supposedly “hidden military secrets” ( 1,728 more words

Martial Arts

Hiker Tau Pi - The Hiker House

This entry stems from a conversation Adam and I were having the other day – we were reminiscing back to college and he was talking about one summer between semesters when he lived in a house with a couple of roommates. 665 more words


CONFIRMED: Taylor Swift is Actually a Robot

In totally unsurprising news, NASA has announced that Taylor Swift is not actually a human being. According to reports, Taylor Swift is a robot, created in 1989 in the nuclear facility labs of rural Pennsylvania. 399 more words


Midterm result

Let’s see, what happened today? First I got my Transportation Engineering midterm back and I did way way better than I thought. I got 71% (last time I got 66%) when mean was 78. 250 more words


"He's a Tank!"/ "He Can't Drink"

Part of being in a frat is being a drinker, naturally.

Any good fratboy knows how to do all the basic drinking tricks (open a can with one hand, shot gun a beer, open a bottle with your teeth, the everyday necessities). 268 more words

West Virginia University student dies after an incident at a frat house

MORGANTOWN ,W.V.(WPXI) – Greek life at West Virginia University is completely shut down after a freshman pledge died.

He was rushed from a fraternity house to Morgantown Hospital Wednesday night. 74 more words

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