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Downtown Pensacola @ midnight is sketch

Having been rejected to getting into the frat party of the night because I stupidly forgot a brother’s last name, the girls and I decided to drive the 30 minutes downtown so I could find some pretty lights to take pictures… Lame right? 228 more words


Collegetown Shenanigans

finally went out tonight. It was fun and I am writing this post a little bit buzzed, to be honest. It was not the best night ever but I enjoyed hanging out with the boys and drinking.  88 more words

College Football Season: In SEC Country

Phil has been counting down the days until college football season since January.  Honestly, when he came home from work yesterday, his face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning as he scrolled through the TV Guide, browsing the evening game schedule. 248 more words

Around Town

Call Your Girlfriend

First thing’s first (I’m da realest), if you know the song this title references, props to you.

This weekend was my first real weekend back here in Starkville! 148 more words

"The Frat Party" Look | Detailed

On Friday Night I posted a look that I put together for the frat party I was going out to that night. Funny enough, I never got to go out to the party, and spent the evening in my place with the roomie and her boyfriend. 227 more words


Tonight's look

I’ll write with more detail tomorrow. As for now, I give you selfies on the frat party look.


D: Movie #87 - Neighbors

D: This was surprisingly funny! I’m usually a fan of Seth Rogan, but This is The End was flat and stale to me and lately his schtick seems to maybe be getting old. 284 more words