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When I get rich volume one

When I get rich I will have a road dome assistant. Formally, when hired her position will be displayed to the feds as, “Flexible Passenger with Stern Hours”. 120 more words

Hello, Frat Boy Blush By TheBalm by Chic Decorations

Whenever I like one thing a lot, I give it a nickname (El Hub, T-Cash, RyGos — you know what I do).
So, I have a nickname for this blush by theBalm… 45 more words

At the favorite dive

Some female who’s advances I rejected, asked me if I thought I was; “gods gift to women” and I snapped back “apparently not with the lesbian ones!”

Gym Hero Puts in Work on a Monday

It may be Monday but that doesn’t mean Zachary Levi is going to take a day off from his gym schedule.

“Yeah, you know how it is,” Levi said taking a sip from his BlenderBottle.  244 more words


Its been a long time

What up bitchs and Donkeynites

I know its been a long time since I did anything here but I got shit to do.

I’ve notice that my anti-Juggalo works have been getting attention by like minded civilized people and the few Juggalos that could read. 86 more words

Hot Chicks

Get Wrecked


Yes, yes I know I didn’t post. School will occasionally hit you harder than you think, so for this week I’m going to talk about something that may seem obvious, but most people will overlook these tips and possibly regret it later. 256 more words