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#breath3 - the night the burger stole the show

It was definitely an interesting turn of events for Breath 3. Let’s backtrack before the burger. I had planned to go to a club downtown in Chicago as part of the social activity planned by one of the Frats on campus. 312 more words

West Coast Hwy Frat Party

After 8 years in Perth both Sugar and Britty are returning to their homeland of Melbourne. We want you to come and party ‘Frat Style’ to see the boys off. 19 more words


Neighbors (2014) Review

Neighbors (2014) Review

Hello everyone! WHITE FLASH here with a review of the 2014 comedy film Neighbors! I put this film off for a while without watching it, mostly because there were so many other things to watch this summer, and I pretty much decided on one comedy for the summer, so I chose 22 Jump Street instead. 509 more words

Recap: My First SEC Football Game, Mizzou Style- #BLOGtober14 Day 15

I’m overly excited to say that I have finally been to my first SEC football game and it was at my boyfriend’s alma mater, Mizzou. I’m a HUGE football fan (Houston Texans!) and had been to several NFL tailgates and games but never to a college one, a big aspect of it was because my university didn’t have a football team. 397 more words



I started this blog with the intention of giving insight to the life of a gay fraternity member. It’s one of those rare things that set me apart from a lot of other gays. 630 more words

Fraternity Cooler Painting 101 Updated

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your cooler! So this is Take Two on Fraternity Cooler Painting 101. It’s been almost two years since my first attempt, and I’ve learned quite a bit since then! 1,355 more words