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three minutes in purgatory.

On Saturday night I was so bored I literally thought I would die. Kendra and John were at a play, Preston and his boyfriend were in Puerto Rico for the weekend and Carly was at Chris’s place and not responding. 1,183 more words

Stop Hazing

Death is always a bad news,especially for parents who raised their kids.

Fraternity. What is Fraternity? According to Wikipedia, a fraternity (Latin frater : “brother”) is a… 443 more words


How to show up for work 60% of the time and not get fired

Work in Congress! The Washington Post dug through the days-in-session calendar for Congress over the past four years and found “On average since 2011, the House was in session 61.3 percent of weekdays. 73 more words


Why Being A "Betch" Is Bad

Newsflash: it’s not cute to refer to yourself as a “betch,” it makes you seem dumb and no one will take you seriously. The word probably got all the hype when betcheslovethis.com first made it’s mark on the web, and yes their site is hilarious but the image behind it is not. 536 more words

On Hazing, Frat, and Brotherly Love

“Brotherhood. It’s more fun in the Philippines.” Let us see if one could still say that if he were hazed and reduced to a battered, cold, dead meat. 396 more words


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Honing Discernment, Informing Choice.
Challenge but not hurt feelings.
If its out there & worthy of remark, well, what do you expect? 9 more words

Commercial Art

hazing: Servando's death

A sense of belongingness is a human necessity. When one cannot find it from an immediate source, say his family, the obvious solution to fill this necessity is to seek it somewhere else. 542 more words