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OMG he ate a magazine!

A few days ago my husband and I were rushing around like crazy people packing for a big trip. We were off to see my brother Tyson who lives at the beach a few hours away. 726 more words

Dark Humor

We put the D in dysfunctional

A long time ago during the turn of the millennium, I was in high school.  During this time I lived in Germany with my family. Our familial matriarch bestowed on us the most wonderful visit.   572 more words


100 weeks and 2 days | 21 months today! Siblings {December}

Back in the summer, we went to a party.

There were lots of families there with their children and quite a few of them had attended the same NCT group and… 744 more words

Life With The Twinkles

Babyhug bear ears caps

We just got our Babyhug bear caps, and we love them! They are soft, comfy and keeps us warm. Ten days to go, the count down has begun. 23 more words

Flashback series - The big day when we met Sabar and Sehaj

It was nothing like a movie scene. My water did not break at an awkward place. I was not rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and I was definitely not screaming on top of my lungs in the delivery room. 1,073 more words

When One Twin is More Academically Gifted

Splitting up twins in school is never easy. But splitting up twins so that one goes on the advanced learning track and the other follows the regular program is one of the most agonizing decisions a parent can face. 1,053 more words

Trend alert - Dressing up Twins

Dressing up babies is a lot of fun, but doing the same for twins can be a little challenging. Buying the exact same outfits all the time can get monotonous and boring, also it’s more of an identical twins style. 175 more words