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TREND ALERT - Dressing up Twins

Dressing up babies is a lot of fun, but doing the same for twins can be a little challenging. Buying the exact same outfits all the time can get monotonous and boring, also it’s more of an identical twins style. 175 more words

Tantrums in Toddler-ville.

Let’s talk about toddler tantrums! The boys are 15 months old and have been testing out a new aspect of their personalities – tantrums! They don’t happen all the time, but when they do…are they a doozy! 444 more words


My life as a mom described in one picture.

This picture describes my life pretty accurately and I love it. Little M-berry sitting on my lap because he is a clinger-ton to the max. Jo-Jo independent and loving every second. 20 more words


One picky eater vs. one who eats it all.

So eating has been quite the interesting challenge lately! What do you do when you have one who loves to eat anything vs. one who seemingly hates everything?! 173 more words


Maibe is having TWO Babies!

That’s right everyone, your favorite DIYing couple (we’re your favorite right? We’re totally cooler than the Young House Love couple…) is expecting…TWINS.

When we went in for our first ultrasound and the technician said, “heartbeat….and heartbeat,” we didn’t realize she wasn’t just repeating herself, but that there were two heartbeats.   954 more words

Di/di Twins

things not to say to me during my pregnancy

Pre warning; I am in an exceptionally bad mood. I have been for the past 2 days. And a lot of my anger and frustration is from the irritatingly annoying comments and questions that have been said to me regarding my pregnancy.

569 more words
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