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5 Reasons Why Having Twins is Awesome

  • Fights over who is the favorite
  • Matchy matchy outfits
  • Creative ways to label things….er, them.
  • I mean, come on…
  • THIS (make sure your sound is up)

Book Review for I am Mixed by Garcelle Beauvais and Sebastian A. Jones

Layers of Love for I Am Mixed

From the first page of I Am Mixed, we enter the magical world of the twins, Nia and Jay—one where the frogs have top hats and butterflies land on little girls’ fingers; straws are made of licorice, grasshoppers are students alongside humans while the teachers are frogs, fish are jumping from the lake wearing sunglasses and of course, there are twins—boy and girl twins which in itself is magical—automatic friends who are the same (Mixed) while different (girl/boy, chocolate/vanilla) but have each other and you, the reader can be like them too! 733 more words

Mixed Biracial Black White

Twin Roundup Tuesday! Epigenetics, pranks, and abductions, oh my!

It’s time to get our science on with this week’s Twin Roundup!

Ever wonder why identical twins tend to look less alike as they age? Epigenetics is the answer! 160 more words

Gay Twin Blog

Tuesday Twin Roundup--totes adorbs!

Twin time, and there are some really interesting things going on right now in the World of Twins. The oldest conjoined twins, miracle twins, and hockey playing twins! 182 more words

Gay Twin Blog

Twins Try to Switch Places, Prank Goes Horribly Wrong

Eric Mauser (L) to his brother, Johnny (R): “How’d they figure it out, bro? We’re twins!” 

Woon’s Meadow, New Brunswick

In what locals are calling “the dumbest thing they’ve done yet,” twin brothers Eric and Johnny Mauser are in jail today after an innocent prank went horribly wrong at the local Mary’s Dairy last evening. 447 more words


Fraternal Twins: Alone & Lonely

I want a twin.

Okay, maybe I don’t want a twin all the time. But sometimes I do. Sometimes I just sit and wonder what it would be like for someone else to share my DNA in such a special way. 1,230 more words

Kristen Phantazia

Amazing Story! Twins Born 24 Days Apart

A set of Bostonian baby boys are living the dream of twins: Alexandre and Renaldo Antunes do not have to share a birthday.

These two don’t even have to share a season. 208 more words