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Black Sororities & Fraternities Want To Put An End To Mona Scott Young's "Sorority Sisters" Show.

Mona Scott-Young has created an empire based on reality television. She is the creator of the Love & HipHop series that has extended from New York to Atlanta, Los Angeles and now in the works Miami. 539 more words

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In Unraveling of Rape Story, Blame Rolling Stone

Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s  bombshell article “A Rape on Campus” in Rolling Stone last month on an alleged gang-rape at the University of Virginia contained all the elements of an explosive story: a helpless female gang-rape victim named ‘Jackie,’ apathetic friends more concerned with their social standing than with helping their battered companion , and institutional indifference on the part of the University of Virginia — a prestigious jewel of southern universities —  that allowed seven wealthy fraternity members who committed rape to escape justice. 1,418 more words


UPENN's Phi Delta Theta Poses With 'Beyonce' Sex Doll For Christmas Card... Internet Loses Its Sh*t [PHOTO]

At first glance, The University of Pennsylvania fraternity Phi Delta Theta Christmas Card seems harmless enough.  The same goes for second glance, unless you’re a PC Nazi that has way the f**k too much time on your hands. 135 more words


Campus rape: A guide to the debate that's roiling American universities

A recent article in Rolling Stone magazine detailed a brutal gang rape at the University of Virginia. It was a classic tale of sexual assault at American campuses: hard-partying, binge-drinking fraternity members, a stigmatized female victim, and an indifferent university administration. 2,117 more words

What's done in darkness....Secret Societies True Agenda

Fraternities have been operating for centuries and, it includes some of the worlds most influential people. People of all nationalities and religions that hold top positions in government, churches, education, business, science, medicine, military, financial and charitable institutions. 661 more words

The Best Compliment

There aren’t really any redeeming qualities to fraternities. Cling to their philanthropy and brotherly bonding, but frats are really just excuses to have loud parties, casual sex, and too much alcohol and substance abuse. 169 more words


One small (or very big) detail

Last month’s issue of Rolling Stone included a story about a young woman, nicknamed Jackie to protect her identity, who was allegedly raped at a University of Virginia frat party. 359 more words

Campus Rape