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Not So Frat-tastic

I’m sure a lot of you have heard statistics relating fraternities to higher instances of sexual assault and rape.  It’s no big secret that unhealthy views of women and sexuality can be promoted, especially in environments inundated with alcohol and peer pressure.  53 more words

Compulsory Sexual Assault Workshops

News emerged last week that Oxford and Cambridge are introducing sexual assault workshops to their curricula, and I couldn’t be more proud.

Maria Marcello writes about this in  1,048 more words

Why You Shouldn't Tolerate Hazing

Earlier this week Miss America, Kira Kazantsev, was called out by Jezebel for being kicked out of her sorority, Alpha Phi, during college for excessive hazing. 1,070 more words


Hazing Prevention Week

Countless times I have been asked the question, “What’s one of the main reasons you joined your Fraternity?” Although I loved the group of people and the things they did on campus, I did not accept my bid until I was absolutely certain that there was no hazing involved in the joining process. 437 more words


Who Do You Think You Are?

After reading the article “Should We Ban Frats?” by Jessica Valenti, I was persuaded and I now agree with her.  When I first started to read her article I though to myself, we don’t necessarily need to ban ALL fraternities, but now I see where she is coming from.   263 more words


Let's talk about frats (realistically)

Disclaimer: Matt Leibowitz, founder of Consent Is So Frat, is one of my closest friends. During our senior year of college we used to sit on the floor of his bedroom and talk about how activists could enact change. 2,190 more words

Drunk women and frats

This article was recently printed, then deleted from Forbes magazine.  Put briefly, it stated the case that drunken women pose an enormous threat to fraternities and individual fraternity brothers. 898 more words