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Rural Boy in an Urban Environment

Doug Lasure, a current junior at Towson was unsure about how he would fit into the Towson way life.  Coming from a small rural area, he was skeptical about living in the fast, highly populated urban environment that is Towson University.   38 more words

SAE Football Update: Team 2

In a highly anticipated game Tuesday night, the SAE 2 Lions soundly defeated the Delta Chi Martletts by a score of 44-6.  The energy of SAE, coupled with outstanding individual performaces all around, was the key to victory.   521 more words


Tees + Sunnies

This past weekend the Hubbs and I took a little road trip down to one of my favorite places, Santa Rosa Beach, FL. I called this little seaside town home after college and I am lucky enough to have some really amazing friends who still live there. 110 more words


Debunking the Myths.

I haven’t written a blog in a while and I know that my last one was about why I chose Greek life, but here is another one that revolves around Greek life: most commonly the false stereotypes of Greek organizations. 516 more words

More exams, inequity in the classroom, Grecian news, and coffee backpacks

4:00 exams are still going strong. (Mechanics wasn’t too pretty–it’s a tough class, but we’ll get there eventually.) I’m pretty confident in my Economics exam. And Calculus is this Thursday–oh, boy, that’s tomorrow, isn’t it. 650 more words

SAE Athletics Sports Report

In their third and final regular season match-up in the competitive division of intramural futsal, SAE 1 posted a 12-4 victory over Collins FC.  In a game that saw two members, Kaleb Sullen and Matt Sabens, tally four times apiece, SAE proved to be too much for their opponents on Monday evening.  301 more words