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Frugal Greek Life

Now that I’m in law school and living off of loans, I’ve realized how much money in my past I’ve wasted on things I didn’t really need. 486 more words

Law School

You're Not A Real Fraternity House If You Don't Have These 15 Things

First and foremost, a fraternity is defined by the brothers who are members of it. Close behind, though, is the fraternity house that these brothers call home. 144 more words


Why Deleting Your Social Media Accounts for Recruitment is a Bad Idea

The practice of deleting social media accounts during recruitment was always something that boggled my mind. Social media is SUCH a great recruitment tool, and makes the recruitment process so much easier. 397 more words



Catch up on Episodes 4-10 of the greek life drama series Black Boots. Written and directed by Geno Brooks of the Band of Artist Collective… 44 more words


More than Grades and Involvement

Recruitment can be described as one of the only times that you can talk about how amazing your sorority is for thirty minutes straight without someone wanting to deck you in the face. 433 more words