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About That "97% Science Is Settled" Meme ... Never Mind

Only 50% Of Scientists Blame Mankind For Climate Change In New Study

” Rather than claiming 97 percent of scientists believe in man-made global warming, hopefully now some media outlets will revise that number closer to 50 percent.

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UK ‘Crash for Cash’ incidents rise

The Association for British Insurers (ABI) has dubbed Britain the “whiplash capital of the world” as fraudulent car insurance claims rose by 34% to just short of 60,000 last year. 389 more words

Student Wheels

Soviet Utilitarian Motor Transport Show

The recent “All Soviet Festival Of Motorised Transport” held in the Swan valley afforded a good opportunity to see a number of vehicles that are largely unknown in the West. 546 more words


Atheist Ex-Pastor Unsuccessfully Debunks God Experiences

People often think that if someone — a scientist, perhaps — is able to adequately explain the manner by which particular mental states occur in the brain, then they’ve successfully called into question whether those mental states are objectively what we suppose them to be, if not outright proven they aren’t. 438 more words


Universal Life is not an investment campaign has started…

This campaign has started with the launch of the book: “Unraveling the Universal Life scam” which can be ordered at:

If you are a consumer and you have been advised to buy this product, you need this book. 154 more words


Mars Rover Skull: Humanoid Or Hoax ?

‘Human Skull Found In Mars’ Hoax: Is It Alien Bones, UFO, Or Just Another Rock?

” A recently discovered NASA photograph of what looks like a human skull lying on the surface of Mars has intrigued many people with a lot of buzz on social media platforms. 

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