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Into The Fray

Once more into the fray
Into the last good fight I’ll ever know
Live and die on this day …
Live and die on this day …
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CrossRoads Church

The Horse and Rider

I will hop on my horse with sword and shield as I charge into the fray. Into the fray I go like a King built on conquest ready to protect my people. 169 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

Enjoy the various frayed effects that all these flowers afford.

The delicate leaves of the fir tree.

The perfectly constructed bird’s nest.

All the natural fall elements appear frayed. 26 more words


Some old poems i wrote - Who, What, When, Where , Why, How?

Why? cant i trust anyone.
How? did it become this way.
What? is it that needs to be done.
When? will everyone pay.
Who? was it that won. 29 more words


Apple enters to the fray

Apple fans have been camping outside the tech company’s New York store, which can only mean one thing: Apple are about to launch a new product. 22 more words