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Above The Fray

It’s time for another earworming edition of Mecca Muzak Monday, where The Nest features a lesser known track that I first became aware of from one of the muzak CD’s that play in Meccas across the… 327 more words


Geek Update - Fray review

A new slayer in town but with more attitude and more secrets…


Exploring Superbaby Women Junior Vintage Fray Buttons Cut Out

The design that you decide on for your pants is only limited by your imagination, a style can be located for pretty much any person preferences. 183 more words

Products Superbaby Women Junior Fray Edge Triangle Pants Hot

Even so, animal hides made the ski pants brittle because of continuous exposure to extreme cold. The pants are no longer usable. On account of this, producers attempted to search for the right supplies which will resist harm when employed regularly. 264 more words

Musing on the Arhythm of the Falling Rain

Drip, drip, plunk
Drip, plunk, plunk
Full of junk
Full of gunk
The eaves are in strife
Full of last year’s life
Rain’s rhythm is playing… 25 more words


Shaggy Scarf

My friend Kim had an old skirt that was falling apart. It was very pretty but had several holes and tears.

The fabric was fragile. Just picking it up created new holes so it couldn’t be repaired. 92 more words

Twilight Kallisti