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A gift of sorts to you? Twenty-five of my favorite CDs ever

Taking a short break from railroads, let’s talk music.  I am going to try the ridiculous task of naming 25 of my favorite CDs, albums, MP3s or whatever you want to call them.   519 more words


Unnerving are the blades
That slay the allies
Existence has betrayed.
Disconcerting is the array
Of innocent souls
That lay flayed from the fray.


The Future of Your World

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

In 2001 Joss Whedon started a comic called Fray set in the distant future of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer world. The eight-issue limited series took until 2003 to finish because of scheduling issues but it revealed information about a past slayer, that we are left to assume is Buffy. 153 more words

The Boy In The Heart Shades

Colour Me Happy ?

We have all heard how colour (or color for our American readers) can influence your life.  There are books, articles and many theories about the psychology of colour.   266 more words



I have chosen to use all items of the project given to me.

First instinct = beautiful print on silk, but, on a not so pleasing background.   150 more words

Machine Stitching