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An Award Winning Team

Team work, problem solving, using tools… That’s so much fun! But winning is also fun! Did you know that KC Robotics Team is an award winning team? 76 more words


My Faith in Humanity is Ruined


By all means, let’s force rape victims to carry a pregnancy to term! Cause they haven’t lost enough control and autonomy over their own bodies, let’s take away their choices of how they can heal and move forward.

Anti Choice

Training Video: FRC Care, Maintenance and Inspection

While many see OSHA’s update to standard 1910.269 as something that only affects the electric utility industry, OSHA’s changes are far greater reaching than many people may expect. 212 more words

Flame Resistant Clothing

Squat For Life

Josh and Anna prefer to kneel for life instead of standing. Either way, they’re still fighting control the choices women can make about their bodies.

Trial and Error

The FTC team is focused on practicing driving the robot and figuring out strategies to get the most points. At this point, the robot is programmed to get 70 points in autonomous mode by doing the following: 58 more words


OSHA 1910.269 Resource Guide on Laundering FRC

OSHA’s update to standard 1910.269 clarifies and expands the employer’s responsibility to provide and maintain appropriate arc-rated clothing to employees based on reliable estimates of workplace hazards. 357 more words

Flame Resistant Clothing

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