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Freak Out Zone

There comes a point in during every NaNo when a good number of Wrimos hit what I call the ‘freak out zone’. Simply put, it’s when you fall so far behind that you don’t think it’s possible to catch up. 413 more words


i am not a geek

i resist all forms of classification

i am an angry troglodyte carving 

carbon and stone

with heavy claws

i die curled and flaking

before my body can make an impression… 174 more words

Today April 17, 2014...take me back to the start

I just lay in my bed.  The t.v. is on, but it’s not on the correct input so all I see on the otherwise black screen is a message which says, “No signal or signal cannot be displayed”.   331 more words

Food Freak!

Our teachers taught us that air doesn’t have any specific color or taste, but LAYS’ proved ‘em wrong!

My partner just call me “nerd”

Yeah, that’s right…

(It was regarding a tv program about couples that was the other day on TV)

In the beginning I felt offended (totally dignified… ) but then I saw the program and actually …I’m kind a nerd! 483 more words

Control Freak

I had a good day today. I talked to people. Cleaned and got a lot of other stuff done. It was a productive day. And overall, I would say I am happy. 422 more words

Fun Features

Restless Freak!!


Just a restless freak

Wasting time here n there

Misty air around the buzz

Where sweet chilled fragrance

Through the window to my nostrils… 134 more words