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Day 5 - Freakonomics

I finished reading Freakonomics today, and although it’s definitely written for a broad audience, with a lot of “shock factor” sort of examples, I really enjoyed it! 739 more words


Freakonomics: An Unlikely Job Change

Stephen Dubner interviews a young woman who had a big career change, and went from earning about $70k a year as a computer programmer to more than four times that while working fewer hours

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5 Thoughts About Unlimited Vacation

A post on Paper Planes got me to thinking about vacation, and the nature of paid time off, and the way that great ideas can collide with the real world in unexpected ways. 473 more words


Soap and In-Scent-ives

Behavior change is one of the biggest challenges in development work, just ask any international aid worker, NGO employee, or Peace Corps Volunteer. But it’s not because people living in the third world are stupid, ignorant, or any other appalling stereotype. 761 more words

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New(?) Form of Entertainment: Audio Podcast

Based on the history education that I have received, I can safely say that I was born into a world of new and innovative ideas. The world that I was born into was nothing like the past that our ancestors lived in; horses were replaced by cars, torches were replaced by electricity powered lights, internet became a thing, airplanes flew us everywhere, and weapons of massive destruction was evolving daily. 698 more words

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Do you know where your turkey comes from?

This clip came from way back in the Freakonomics archive but it is worth sharing in honor of Thanksgiving.

Turkey Sex

JavaScript required to play… 187 more words